Is The WWE Creating a New Edge, Or Simply Bring Back the Old One?

Joe DohertyContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

I didn't watch Smackdown until the replay this morning on Sky Sports.  The part I saw was Edge coming out, doing his whole heel thing.  Then something struck me, I wondered if I had seen it at the Royal Rumble but because I watched it online, it wasn't great quality so I had a doubt, but it was true.

Many of you may have seen Edge sporting his new hairstyle, or should i say old hairstyle, the one he had when he was with Christian back in the day.  But maybe he just didn't get to a barbers in a few weeks. 

Then something else that he brought back from the past, again you guessed it, the five- second pose of Edge and Christrian.

I'm starting to believe that the WWE are keeping an eye on the wrestling pages such as the B/R nowadays, because to me after seeing these things on Smackdown, they look as if they are changing the storyline of Christian's return once again.

Everyone knows that Christian is coming back, but the thing that WWE knows, is the thing that we don't, when?  For weeks Edge has had a problem with the Big Show, and next week there is going to be another one. 

Are we looking at Christian interfering in a match between Edge and Big Show at No Way Out or even Wrestlemania 25? 

What I ask the fellow wrestling fans of the B/R, will Edge turn Face again? Is the WWE doing the right thing by holding off Christian's return? and finally, Out of all the different Christian return possibilities, which one do you think we will see and when?