How WWE Dropped the Ball After John Cena's Win Against Brock Lesnar

Christopher AmickCorrespondent IMay 10, 2012

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The most polarizing figure in company history desperately needs some time off, and this is why WWE dropped the ball completely after Brock Lesnar decimated John Cena last month at Extreme Rules.

After one of the most violent and stiff matches ever, many thought that John Cena would be taking some time off to lick his wounds. Apparently not.

The battle was one of the most visually entertaining matches in history, featuring the former UFC champion hitting Cena with everything but the kitchen sink.

Cena took countless stiff clotheslines from Lesnar, and even found himself locked in a kimura during the match.

Cena pulled off a victory, then preceded to give a short speech. He thanked the fans and told them that he may have to take some time off to heal up, which would have been good for everybody.

John Cena as a character has grown somewhat stale in the opinion of many fans—and those fans  vocalize it every week.

He gets the loudest reaction every time out, even though his crowd is clearly split into two very different groups. 

The first group consists of kids, women and possibly the casual wrestling fan. This is Cena's core fan base, and it works for him.

The other group is made up of somewhat knowledgeable young adult men who will boo Cena relentlessly, no matter what he does.

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Many of the WWE Universe members were already fed up with Cena when he began his year-long feud with The Rock.

He was already vilified before he began working with the People's Champ and after WresleMania, the Cena hate seemed to be at a fever pitch.

Then came Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar reappeared on RAW after an eight year absence and delivered a F-5 to the face of the WWE.

It seemed liked WWE was trying to use a monster heel against Cena, in order to possibly garner some sympathy for the former champ—and it seemed to be working quite well.

Cena and Lesnar engaged in a bloody encounter during Lesnar's second show back, which was one of the most enjoyable segments on Raw in some time.

Extreme Rules was a sight to see as well.  When he spoke to the Chicago crowd at the end of the match, you could hear that Cena was beginning to win over the majority of fans once again.

The next night on Raw is when things began to take a dramatic turn for the worse.

Cena got one of his loudest ovations in recent memory and it looked like his character was finally turning the corner.

Then, WWE announced that Cena would be facing Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit.

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Maybe they are trying to recreate the Austin vs. McMahon feud, which was the signature rivalry during the WWE's most successful time period. That idea is much more viable using CM Punk rather than Cena, but that is a different story altogether.

Having him go from facing Brock Lesnar to battling a nearly 50-year-old man will do absolutely nothing to help Cena.

Cena would have been much better served taking a few months off, coming back in time for SummerSlam and possibly tweaking his persona just a tad.

The break would have allowed the fans to miss him a bit, which is always good for a WWE superstar.

It also would have been good for Cena himself. Cena has been grinding nonstop since he returned from injury in 2008, and a vacation for one of the hardest workers in company history would be well-deserved.

It seems like everyone needs a break here, and WWE missed the boat entirely.