Big Birds Nest = Big Headache for China

Mike AlmightyContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

So is it really worth it?  China's Bird Nest stadium apparently has not been used since the 2008 Summer Olympics, and it is not under contract to be used until August of 2009, exactly one year after the Olympics. 

I'm sorry, but that stadium has been doomed since it was planned—or since China was awarded the Olympics. 

I might get shot or hung by Chinese officials for this, but anything they built for the Olympics has been screwed since they were awarded the Summer Olympics for 2008. 

Hearing the stories of the Chinese destroying ancient housing complexes, removing the poor or homeless just to build a bird's nest, or stopping manufacturing or commuter traffic just to slow down China's input to destroying the Ozone layer so the hippies would come to the Olympics, China was in trouble from the start. 

Now to hear they can't even get their premiere soccer team to play in the stadium— it seems like their government has bigger issues than what they thought they had. 

There is no reason to build a larger stadium just for the Olympics and treat it like ass and let the paint peel and tourists romp around like adolescent children. 

China has no respect for athletics and preserving the Olympic spirit.  It was all about the money and the spotlight. 

They still have a lot of lessons to learn about the true Olympic spirit.