Only Two Pro Bowlers? New Orleans Saints' Fans Expect More

Israel GContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

If you're a Saints' fan like me, you are happy that we have Drew Brees as our quarterback. I know I am. It's almost as if the weight of the team is on him on every snap. He makes the other players look great and for that he was rewarded with a FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year award and a trip to the Pro Bowl.

Now the rest of the Saints....What the heck is going on? Several players are getting paid like crazy, but they're not producing. Charles Grant? Will Smith? Reggie Bush? Shockey?

Pro Bowl players are selected by the fans, so even if all the Saints' fans got together and voted for all Saints' players, that still wouldn't help. The only way to make it to the Pro Bowl is to be the best players at their positions.

I'm glad that Jammal Brown (T) also made it. Offensive line players are usually the least noticed, but they seem to put in the most work. Jammal has been great for the Saints since he arrived. Keep it up.

Free Agency is around the corner and the Saints are looking to add some fire under some of these players. So I won't be surprised if another DE is picked up. This might give Grant and Smith some extra motivation.

To make it to a Pro Bowl is not simple, so I won't start commenting on trading or cutting players. Some teams don't even have one player going, so maybe it's just me and my expectations are too high.

I'm glad we have Drew Brees though, he is the difference maker for the team.