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Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/8)

Will OwenCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2016

Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/8)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is a new show that the makers of Fantasy WWE have decided would be interesting for your readers to look at. Obviously, we are recreating NXT, but the new general manager, Raffaele Spano, is at a severe disadvantage. 

    Spano has to use a smaller group of superstars, as many of the top-flight stars are on SmackDown and Raw. Also, he is only using FCW/WWE talent rather than stemming out to TNA and RoH. The show may not have significant star power, but its feuds and well-written matches will more than make up for it.

    There is no need to rate the show, as it would not be fair to try and rate it with such a weak roster. But please do leave a comment with any comments and possible improvements.

    With that said, what's in store for NXT's second episode? Let's find out.


Promo: Commissioner Road Dogg in the Ring

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    “Get Through This” by Art of Dying welcomes us to NXT.

    Commissioner Road Dogg is already in the ring with microphone in hand, and commentators Byron Saxton and Dustin Rhodes welcome us to NXT: Proving Ground.

    Road Dogg: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to NXT! Last week was a very historic night that was tainted by the attitude of one Leo Kruger. BJ Whitmer is a grown man, and he can fight his own battles, so later on tonight you will hear from him.

    "Now, I’m sure you have all heard the news that WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is in the house tonight!”

    The crowd explodes at the mention of Roddy Piper.

    Road Dogg: "Yeah that’s right! But before we get to that, I have a major announcement. In two weeks we will have a special three-hour edition of NXT where we will crown a new WWE Television Champion!”

    The crowd explode when they hear this!

    Road Dogg: “I knew you’d like that one! The title will be only exclusive to television and will be mainly defended here on NXT as a treat to all of you.

    “We all know that it’s going to be a special night with the special appearance from Roddy Piper and the debuts of The Mighty Don’t Kneel and just in the debut of Antonio Cesaro. So let’s all sit back, relax and enjoy tonight’s festivities, and let’s kick it off with tag-team action!”

Match 1: The Mighty Don't Kneel vs. Alexander Rusev and Peter Orlov

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    Dustin Rhodes: “It’s time now, Byron, for Australian tag-team The Mighty Don’t Kneels' debut match against the team of Peter Orlov and Alexander Rusev!”

    The Mighty Don’t Kneel makes their way to the ring sporting their brand new TMDK hooded jumpers. They get a minimal reaction from the crowd, but they try to get the crowd behind them.

    Peter Orlov and Alexander Rusev now make their way to the ring sporting matching tracksuits.

    Byron Saxton: “Dustin, from we have seen of Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste and also Orlov and Rusev, this is sure to be a competitive tag match!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “You are right there, Byron! Let’s enjoy this tag match.”

    The bell rings, and Mikey Nicholls with Orlov start the match. They tie up, and Nicholls with the go behind. Huge wrestling takedown by Nicholls drops Orlov facedown hard to the mat.

    Nicholls lets Orlov up. They tie up again, and Nicholls connects a series of arm drags on Orlov, sending Orlov into his own corner. Orlov tags Rusev, and in comes the powerhouse. Nicholls tags in Shane Haste, who studies the big man.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Look at the size difference between the two men in the ring right now. Rusev is a monster of a man, but Haste looks like he is in prime shape!”

    Haste paces around the ring, studying the big man, and ties up with Rusev. Rusev pushes Haste into the turnbuckle, but Haste shrugs it off. Haste feints the tie-up and hits hard Muay-Thai style kicks to the leg of Rusev.

    Haste, on the ropes, is cut off by a huge shoulder block from Rusev. Rusev goes to drop an elbow on Haste, but Haste moves out of the way. Haste, up to his feet, only allows Rusev to make to his knees before continuing the Muay-Thai kick assault now to Rusev's chest.

    Rusev pushes Haste to the ropes, and Haste stops the rebound. Rusev up-charges at Haste, and Haste pulls down the top rope, sending Rusev to the floor near the entranceway.

    Shane, bouncing on the tip of his toes and trying to get the crowd behind him, runs to the opposing side. On the return, he dives through the ropes with a beautiful suicide dive, landing on his feet also. The crowd have come alive behind The Mighty Don’t Kneel.

    Haste is back in the ring over in the corner with his partner Mikey Nicholls, and we cut to commercial break with the image of Orlov telling the fans to shut up.

    Byron Saxton: “We are back live. Rusev gained the advantage during the break, and here’s how!”

    Replay: Rusev climbs the rope, and Haste goes to lift him, but Rusev drops Haste’s neck and throat hard on the top rope.

    Rusev has Haste in a bear hug manoeuvre on the mat. He drags Rusev to his corner and tags in Orlov. Rusev holds Haste in the corner as Orlov puts the boots to him.

    Orlov, with the front face lock, lifts Haste into a suplex position. He drops Haste’s legs across the top rope for extra pace on the manoeuvre and drops a hard suplex. Orlov with the cover, 1…2—Haste kicks out convincingly.

    Orlov lifts Haste to his feet and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Hard chop by Orlov wakes up Haste, and Haste follows up with a hard forearm to Orlov. Haste fights out of the corner with hard Muay-Thai style offence. He charges at Orlov, but Orlov hits a nice powerslam. Cover by Orlov, 1…2—Haste kicks out again.

    Dustin Rhodes: “We have heard a lot about Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls’ fighting spirit, and I believe we are seeing that tonight!”

    Orlov has Haste back in his corner. He leaves Haste to jaw something to Nicholls that fires Nicholls up. Nicholls gets in the ring, and the ref is trying to push him back to his corner. Orlov, still jawing at Nicholls, receives a hard right hand by Nicholls, who reached over the ref's shoulder, and the fans rub it in to Orlov.

    In the meantime, Orlov was choking Haste in the corner, so both men are down. Haste is crawling trying to catch his breath, and Orlov lifts himself up using the ropes. There is some swelling around his eye from the right hand by Nicholls.

    Orlov tags in Rusev, and Rusev lets Haste crawl a bit before dropping a big-time elbow to the back. Cover by Rusev, 1…2—Nicholls dives onto Rusev to break up the pin. Nicholls back on the apron slaps the top turnbuckle to try and get Haste back into the match.

    Rusev faces Nicholls. He makes gestures to try and get him to rush into the ring, but Haste is up and leapfrogs over Rusev and makes the tag to Nicholls.

    Nicholls is in the now and on fire with thunderous forearms to Rusev. Nicholl’s off of the ropes with a diving forearm that drops the big man. Orlov, in the ring from behind, attacks Nicholls with a knee to the back. Orlov goes to Irish-whip Nicholls, and Nicholls counters into a belly-to-belly suplex on Orlov.

    Rusev’s body is leaning on the second rope, and Nicholls charges with a dropkick. Nicholls covers Rusev, 1…2 – Orlov kicks to break up the pin attempt. Springboard dropkick to the back of Orlov by Shane Haste sends Orlov to the outside.

    Nicholls picks up Rusev only to be speared into the turnbuckle by Rusev. The big man lays hard shoulders to the midsection of Nicholls. Rusev slaps Nicholls in the chest a few times before going back to the big shoulders to the midsection. He lifts Nicholls to the top rope. He picks up Nicholls in a musclebuster position and turns with Nicholls in the air.

    Hard Muay-Thai style kick to the midsection by Haste to Rusev, and Nicholls drops down to his feet. Nice DDT by Nicholls on Rusev and Nicholls makes the cover. 1…2—Rusev kicks out.

    Byron Saxton: “These two teams, Dustin, are showing us exactly what they are made of! Fantastic match up so far!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “You're right Byron, this is the proving ground, and these two young teams are proving to us that they belong here!”

    Nicholls tags in Haste. Haste goes for another Muay-Thai styled kick to Rusev, but Rusev catches his leg and hits a beautiful capture suplex. Rusev now covers Haste, 1…2—Haste kicks out and Rusev cannot believe it.

    Rusev lifts Haste by his head and rushes him into the corner. Rusev tags in Orlov. Northern lights suplex with a bridge by Orlov. 1...2—Haste kicks out again! Orlov goes for a fisherman suplex, but Haste knees him on the lift up. Haste rushes at him and he’s doubles knees sending Orlov into the corner where Nicholls is.

    Haste tags Nicholls in, and Nicholls hits a Death Valley Driver. Haste goes to the top turnbuckle as Nicholls charges across the ring to take out Rusev. Heat Seeking Elbow by Haste and Nicholls covers, 1…2…3! (12:47)

    Dustin Rhodes: “What a tag-team match, ladies and gents! Both teams showed tremendous spirit and on this night the team of Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls come out on top. Great match.”

    The Mighty Don’t Kneel celebrate their win before we cut to commercial break.

Promo: BJ Whitmer Comes Down to the Ring

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    Byron Saxton: “Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! I believe it’s now time to hear from BJ Whitmer.”

    BJ Whitmer’s music plays, and he is walking to the ring with a purpose. He gets in the ring and asks for a microphone.

    BJ Whitmer: “All week people have been wondering how BJ Whitmer will react to Leo Kruger’s actions last week. It’s really quite simple. I’m gonna kick his ass!

    Leo Kruger’s music hits. He has a singlet over his wrestling attire, and you can see his shoulder is strapped from last week’s apron DDT.

    Dustin Rhodes: “This is going to be interesting, Byron. I wonder what Kruger has to say!”

    Kruger uses the ring steps to get into the ring. As soon as Kruger steps into the ring, BJ attacks him with the microphone. BJ jumps on top of Kruger and hits powerful right hands.

    Kruger turns the tables and connects with right hands of his own. Whitmer manages to push Kruger off.

    Security rushes down to separate the two, backing the two wrestlers into opposite corners. Kruger manages to break past and leaps onto BJ. Both men strike each other until security manage to pull them apart again.

    Now BJ manages to break free and leaps onto Kruger. Both men again strike each other until they can be pulled apart.

    Road Dogg rushes down to ringside with a microphone.

    Road Dogg: “Hold your horses, gentlemen!”

    Both men turn their attention to Road Dogg.

    Road Dogg: “If you guys want each other so bad, all you had to do was ask! Kruger, you find yourself a partner, and BJ, you find yourself one, because you two will meet later on tonight in a tag team match!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “All hell has broken loose here, Byron, and Commissioner Road Dogg is laying down the law!”

    BJ and Kruger now both break free and are now in the centre of the ring laying in shots at one another. Security break up the brawl again but luckily take Kruger out of the ring. BJ is fired up as we cut to commercial break.

Match 2: Antonio Cesaro vs. Derrick Bateman

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    We are back live, and Johnny Curtis has joined the broadcast group.

    Byron Saxton: “Okay ladies and gentlemen, we are back, and now let’s take this time to calm down after what has just ensued as we welcome to the broadcast table Johnny Curtis.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Yeah, this is a nice surprise, and thank you for joining us Johnny.”

    Johnny Curtis: “Yeah, thanks for having me, guys. We have a good contest here ready for us, so let’s enjoy.”

    Derrick Bateman’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a nice reaction for a rookie. A royal type of music plays, and here comes Antonio Cesaro.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Look at the shape Antonio Cesaro is in!”

    Johnny Curtis: “Yeah, he sure looks like a big dude. I wonder how Bateman will cope against him.”

    The bell rings and Antonio rushes a spear-driving Bateman into the corner. Antonio goes in with hard shoulder barges and a huge hip toss out of the corner.

    Cesaro lets Bateman up and they tie up. Bateman with a go behind is met by a hard elbow by Cesaro. Discuss clothesline by Cesaro and he makes the cover, 1…2—Bateman kicks out!

    Cesaro bring Bateman to his feet and Irish-whips him. On the return Bateman ducks under another clothesline and hits a beautiful standing dropkick, dropping Cesaro. Bateman covers, 1…—early kick out by Cesaro.

    Byron Saxton: “I believe throughout this match Bateman's toughness will show!”

    Johnny Curtis: “Not unless Antonio here destroys him.”

    Byron Saxton: “Uhh, right…”

    Bateman stomps away at the midsection of Cesaro. He is going to try and ground the big man. Cesaro pushes Bateman away to try and create space.

    Bateman in again but Cesaro catches Bateman's leg and hits a dragon screw. Cesaro holds onto the leg and drops it hard to the mat in a DDT position. Bateman grabs his leg in agony. Cesaro smiles and stomps away on his leg.

    Cesaro lifts up Bateman and goes for a belly-to-back suplex. Bateman tries to flip out, but his leg gives out on him. Running European uppercut by Cesaro! He covers Bateman, 1…2—Bateman gets his shoulder up.

    Cesaro lifts Bateman up in a headlock and wrenches it tight. Bateman fights out of it with midsection shots until Cesaro lets go of the hold. Bateman tries to dash at Cesaro but gets caught with a hard bicycle kick. Cesaro covers 1…2—Bateman kicks out!

    Dustin Rhodes: “Wow! Young Derrick Bateman is proving he is as tough as they come!”

    Johnny Curtis: “Yeah, but how much offense is he hitting Antonio with Dusty?” 

    Cesaro lifts Bateman up by his hair and hoists him up on his shoulders. Bateman wriggles free and hits a backstabber on Cesaro. Bateman struggles to make the pin as he grabs hold of his leg after that move. Bateman finally covers Cesaro, 1…2—Cesaro kicks out!

    Bateman tries to get some feeling back in his leg before going on the attack. As Bateman reaches Cesaro, Cesaro connects with a hard European Uppercut. Cesaro pushes Bateman into the ropes and hits a big time Swiss Death on Bateman. Bateman seems as if he is knocked out.

    Byron Saxton: “WOW! Big time move by Cesaro, and Bateman is out!”

    Johnny Curtis: “Where’s that toughness now, boys?”

    Cesaro moves over to Bateman, who is down and out. Cesaro sets him up and hits a sit out Ricola Bomb! 1…2…3! (7:34)

    Dustin Rhodes: “Antonio Cesaro impressive here in his debut match on NXT.”

    Curtis is applauding Cesaro, and the ring announcer declares Cesaro the winner. Cesaro leaves the ring and grabs the ring announcer around the neck. He grabs hold of the microphone.

    Antonio Cesaro: “Hey! That is Sir Antonio Cesaro!”

    The ring announcer looks petrified and repeats what Cesaro says. After a moment Cesaro pulls down the ring announcer and makes him kiss his wrestling boots. The fans boo at Cesaro as he feels proud of himself.

    Cesaro walks past the announcers' table and notices Johnny Curtis applauding in his face. Cesaro goes to walk off but turns back, and Bicycle kicks Curtis. Cesaro walks off proud of himself as we cut to commercial break.

Promo: Backstage with Leo Kruger and Damien Sandow

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    Leo Kruger is seen walking backstage. There’s yelling in the background, and he goes to see what it is. As he turns the corner, Damien Sandow is yelling at his chauffeur until Sandow tells the chauffeur to get his face. Leo approaches Sandow.

    Kruger: “I’m sure you heard about my match tonight.”

    Sandow: “Yes, I have heard. What is this about, Leo?”

    Kruger: “I’m looking for a partner and believe you’re the man for the job.”

    Sandow: “I always knew, Leo, that you were a smart man. I’ll see you out there.” Sandow goes to walk off but turns back to Kruger.

    Sandow: “You’re welcome.” He laughs as he walks off. 

Match 3: Big E Langston vs. Local Wrestler

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    Byron Saxton: “We are back live, Dustin, and what do you make of that? The debuting Damien Sandow will be partnering up with Leo Kruger in tonight’s main event. We have yet to hear from BJ Whitmer."

    Dustin Rhodes: “Not to worry, though. I believe BJ knows exactly what he is doing.”

    Big E Langston's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. Inside the ring awaiting the monster is a local wrestler. A fan touches Big E on his way to the ring, and Big E threatens to knock his lights out.

    Byron Saxton: “We saw Big E Langston debut last week, Dustin, and he made short work of his opponent. Will that be the case tonight?”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Well, no doubt about it. Look at the size difference between the two. This young man isn’t even the size of one of his legs!”

    Langston, in the ring now, charges at his opponent before the bell. He squashes him in the turnbuckle and throws him halfway across the ring. Langston lifts up the youngster and pulls him into a hard clothesline.

    The local is out before the match even started. Langston scares off the referee before connecting with The Big End on the local wrestler. Langston paces the ring for a few moments before tossing the local out of the ring.

    Langston shouts “Get the hell out of my ring!” Langston leaves ring and walks back up entrance way to an echo of boos.

    Byron Saxton: “I don’t know what Big E’s problem is, but if you are smart you would stay out of his way!”

    Big E leaves, and we cut to a video package.

Promo: Pre-Recorded Connor O'Brien

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    It’s a dark, rainy night in the middle of nowhere. We zoom into a chapel. We hear cries from the inside of the chapel.

    Entering the chapel is Kenneth Cameron in a black robe. He walks down the aisle with a gold cup in hand. There are people kneeling in the chapel, and no one can see their faces. Kneeling on the altar is a young woman with her back to the camera.

    Kenneth walks past her and places the cup in front of her on the altar. Connor O’Brien appears out of nowhere in a black leather cloak. Connor O’Brien is holding a book with a triangle on it.

    Connor O’Brien: “It is now time.” He opens the book and places it on the altar in front of the girl before taking his seat on a throne.

    We cut to commercial break. 

Main Event: Leo Kruger and Damien Sandow vs. BJ Whitmer and Mystery Partner

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    Byron Saxton: “We are back live here on NXT, and early tonight we found out that Leo Kruger’s partner for tonight’s tag match is the debuting Damien Sandow. We are yet to receive word on who BJ Whitmer has chosen as his partner, and the match is up next!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “I do believe BJ has a partner—he isn’t stupid. He has let Kruger and Sandow wait so they were not able to work out a definitive game plan. It’s a very smart move on the part of the veteran!”

    Kruger’s music hits, and the crowd greets him with sure-fire boos. He cockily smiles as he walks down the aisle. His shoulder is taped up from the apron DDT he received last week.

    The crowd also greet Damien Sandow with boos as he walks down the aisle with a boxer-style robe and towel around his neck. He orders the referee to sit on the middle rope to make it easier for him to get into the ring.

    BJ Whitmer makes his way to the ring now with a good fan reaction. He gets in the ring and points directly at Leo Kruger. He bounces on his feet and then Michael Dalton’s music hits. The fans are surprised at BJ Whitmer’s partner choice.

    In the ring, both teams are staring at each other. Whitmer shares a few words of wisdom with Dalton and allows Dalton to start with Sandow.

    Dustin Rhodes: “This will be our first look at Damien Sandow, Byron. He certainly talks the talk, and now it’s time to see if he can walk the walk!”

    Dalton and Sandow go to tie up, and Sandow hits low with a hard kick to the midsection. Irish whip by Sandow is met by a great dropkick by Dalton. Sandow crawls over and tags in Kruger.

    Kruger, now in the ring, points to BJ Whitmer. Dalton tags in BJ, and in comes Whitmer. Kruger and BJ circle each other, and then Kruger tags in Sandow. Kruger smiles as he moves on the apron, and the fans are booing.

    Sandow, back in, ties up with Whitmer. Whitmer gets the better of Sandow with a nice go-behind. School-boy by Whitmer gets an early near fall. Sandow circles the ring, remaining cool and calm. They tie up, and Sandow with a wrist lock.

    BJ pushes Sandow off and ducks under the rebound, but Sandow turns as soon as he leaps over Whitmer and drops an elbow on the lower back. Sandow points to his head, and the crowd boo.

    Sandow has BJ up, and he pushes him into his corner. Sandow tags in Kruger and holds Whitmer in the corner. Kruger measures up BJ but took too long as BJ explodes from the corner with a hard clothesline. BJ allows Kruger back up, and he hits a beautiful standing dropkick sending Kruger to the outside.

    Sandow drops down to the floor to check on his partner, and BJ calls in Dalton. Dalton and Whitmer, side by side, charge Dalton goes through the ropes, with a nice suicide dive on Sandow and BJ with a beautiful flipping senton on Kruger. The crowd are alive.

    Byron Saxton: “The crowd are hot for BJ Whitmer and Mike Dalton! We need to take a commercial break! Ladies and gentlemen, do not go anywhere. This match continues when we return.”

    When we return, Whitmer is laying chops in to Kruger. Whitmer Irish-whips Kruger, but Kruger holds on the ropes and lunges for the tag in to Damien Sandow. Sandow, in now, is on the receiving end of forearms from BJ. BJ off the ropes is met by a hard big boot to the face by Sandow. Sandow covers BJ, 1…2—BJ kicks out.

    Sandow, maintaining the upper hand, drives knees in the lower back of Whitmer. Sandow smartly places his knee into the back of Whitmer as he wrenches back BJ’s head, applying pressure on the back and neck of BJ. BJ gets to the ropes, and Sandow utilizes the five counts and lets go at four.

    Sandow drags Whitmer to bottom turnbuckle and drives boots into BJ’s chest before tagging in Kruger. Kruger, now in, picks up where Sandow left off and drives hard boots into BJ’s chest. Kruger bends down and blatantly chokes Whitmer.

    Dalton has had enough and charges in the ring. He smashes forearms into the back of Kruger before the ref breaks it up and gets Dalton out of the ring.

    Kruger, pissed off, walks over to Dalton’s corner. BJ gets up to his feet slowly and elbows Sandow behind him. Kruger turns to face Whitmer, and Whitmer spears Kruger. Whitmer lays the right hands into the head of Kruger before the ref breaks it up.

    Both men up and Kruger now with a double leg takedown. Kruger drops the right hands into BJ, and after a few, BJ catches Kruger’s arm to put him in a crossface. BJ has Kruger locked tight in the crossface, and Sandow is in to break it up. Kruger’s injured arm has been tweaked by the crossface.

    Dustin Rhodes: “The short time that crossface was looked in was just enough to set off the pain in Kruger’s shoulder!”

    Byron Saxton: “It was a chance move by BJ, and it paid off! It was smart on the part of the veteran Dustin!”

    BJ tags in Mike Dalton, and Kruger tags in Damien Sandow. Both men are in the ring, but Sandow was just a bit quicker, catching Dalton with a low knee. Sandow follows up with hard chops and an Irish whip. On the return Sandow goes behind and hits a nice bridging German suplex, 1…2—Dalton kicks out.

    Sandow lifts Dalton up by a front face lock, and Dalton twists out of it and turns it into a spinning neck breaker. Dalton covers Sandow, 1…2—Sandow kicks out convincingly. Dalton lifts Sandow up and chops him till he reaches the ropes. Sandow tries for a back body drop over the top rope, but Dalton holds on as he lands on the apron.

    Sandow swings at Dalton, but Dalton ducks and kicks Sandow low through the middle rope. Dalton pulls Sandow onto the apron through the middle rope, and both men jockey for position.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Byron, this is dangerous! We all saw what happened last week when BJ and Kruger were on the apron. It ended very badly for one of them.”

    Sandow goes behind Dalton on the apron and has him in a German Suplex position. Sandow is pulling hard trying to German-Suplex Dalton off of the apron. Dalton holds on for dear life, but Kruger sneaks around and kicks Dalton’s hands. Sandow drives Dalton into the ringside barricade with a German Suplex from the apron. The fans are in awe!

    Byron Saxton: “Oh my God, Dustin! Did you see that? Holy—God! Someone get some help down here for Dalton!”

    Sandow is also feeling the effects from the Suplex, but Dalton requires serious medical attention. Staff from the back makes their way down to the ringside area to check on Dalton. Sandow ,who is now back in the ring, holds his head as he looks on at Dalton. BJ also went around the ring to check on Dalton.

    Kruger stands on the ring steps and shouts at BJ to get in the ring. BJ looks up at Sandow, who is now daring BJ to get in the ring. Dustin Rhodes has left his broadcast position to check on Dalton.

    BJ paces around the ring and charges back in.

    Sandow puts the boots to BJ and calls in Kruger. Now both men are putting the boots to Kruger. The referee tries to break them up, but Kruger throws him out of the ring. Sandow and Kruger continue the assault on BJ.

    Byron Saxton: “Oh man! Will someone put a stop to this? Whitmer is getting destroyed out there!”

    Sandow holds up Whitmer for Kruger to strike. Whitmer ducks, and Kruger hits Sandow. BJ chops away at Kruger until he has him backed up against the ropes. He goes to charge at the other side and is met by a hard clothesline by Sandow.

    Sandow is pissed off and raises Whitmer to his feet. He has BJ in a fisherman position but instead of Suplexing he snaps a neck breaker. The fans are booing heavily now at Sandow and Kruger.

    Byron Saxton: “For someone who claims to have a lot of class he really isn’t showing any right now!”

    Sandow gesture to Kruger that BJ is all his and leaves the ring. A fan in the front row is getting in Sandow’s face, and Sandow asks the man if he could please be quiet. Kruger, with a sick look on his face, drags BJ into the centre of the ring and locks on the Sharpshooter. Kruger is really wrenching on the move when we cut to commercial break.

    Byron Saxton: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live, and during the commercial break backstage, officials were thankfully able to pull Kruger away from Whitmer. My broadcast colleague Dustin Rhodes has made his way back to the booth now, with hopefully word on Dalton’s condition.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Young Mike Dalton will be fine. It was a very hard knock to say the least, and it drove the wind right out of him. Doctors will be looking over his ribs and back area, but by the sounds of things, he is going to be okay.”

    Byron Saxton: “That’s good to hear, Dustin! We wish him well. Get ready ladies and gentlemen, WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is in the house!”

Promo: Main Event Segment

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    WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper's music hits, and he is met with a thunderous ovation. Hot Rod takes his time to soak in the adulation of the fans before entering the ring.

    Dustin Rhodes: “This is the moment we have all been waiting for, Byron—Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the NXT ring."

    Byron Saxton: “This place has gone nuts for Roddy Piper. I have never been a part of something so special like this very moment!”

    Hot Rod paces the ring for a few moments. He gestures to the crowd firing them up. The fans are going crazy for the legend. He grabs a microphone and makes one last gesture to the crowd before speaking.

    Roddy Piper: “Well, ain’t this great!”

    Piper pauses allowing the fans to cheers and applause.

    Roddy Piper: “Hot Rod is here! He is here in the very ring that is the Proving Ground for the future of the WWE!”

    Piper pauses again and soaks in more praise from the fans. The energy in the arena is electric.

    Roddy Piper: “God, I love you guys!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “This place, Byron, is electric—such a beautiful moment this is”

    Roddy Piper: “When they asked me if I’d like to be a special guest on the new NXT I could not have passed up the chance. It is my chance to give back to the business that gave me so much and give back to these young Superstars who have the chance to make all of their dreams come tr—"

    The lights flicker a little bit, and everyone assumes it’s the power in the building playing up.

    Roddy Piper: “—true…”

    The lights are out. The arena is in complete darkness for a few moments. When the lights come back on, Dean Ambrose is standing face to face with Roddy Piper in his trademark jacket and black wrestling attire.

    Behind him stands the machine Ryback. Ambrose and Piper stare down, and the fans are confused. Ambrose slaps Piper!

    The fans are rabid! They are booing profusely at Dean Ambrose. Ambrose laughs in the face of Piper, and Piper lunges toward Ambrose but is cut off by a massive clothesline from Ryback. Ryback has Piper up in a muscle buster position and drop Piper down hard.

    The fans are disgusted in what they have just witnessed. Ambrose grabs hold of a camera and positions his face to see the sick, sadistic smile to close the show.


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    And that's a wrap!

    What's going to happen next week after an extremely exciting premiere? There is no need to rate the show out of 10 as it is not part of the WWE brand extension, but please do comment so Raffaele Spano (the NXT writer) can learn more of your opinions and what he should improve on.

    Tune in for another episode of Fantasy Smackdown and two episodes of Fantasy Raw. Please look around for them on Will Owen's page or in the WWE section of the site. 

    Don't forget to comment, and thanks for reading.

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