WWE: Would Mark Henry Be Better Suited in an Enforcer Role?

Robert AitkenAnalyst IMay 13, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  Mark Henry 'The World's Strongest Man' is introduced during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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Mark Henry, one of the biggest WWE superstars, in both actual size and impact, has been missing for the past few weeks. The fact that there are four men in a World Heavyweight Championship match at Over the Limit and Henry is not one of those men is very concerning.

How do you suddenly reinsert a dominant force like Mark Henry into a title picture? Turn Mark Henry into an enforcer for someone.

Let's look back at Henry's latest dominant run.

The rejuvenation of Mark Henry's career began around this time last year. Following his selection in the WWE Draft, Henry was thrown into the main event of the night, where he made an impact and turned on his fellow Smackdown superstars. Henry was turning into the monster heel and few of us were prepared for the whirlwind that Henry was about to put us through.

Henry would dominate on episodes of Smackdown and wouldn't make it on to pay-per-view again until Money in the Bank, where he defeated Big Show. Big Show would become one of Henry's major rivals during this time.

The following event was SummerSlam, which had Henry defeat Sheamus after ramming him through the barricade and Sheamus being unable to get back into the ring prior to the referee's ten count.

Everything began to change for Henry after that, as he won the World Heavyweight Championship from Randy Orton at Night of Champions. It was the first world championship for Henry in WWE and the first title Henry would own among the active championship belts. Henry would also defeat Orton and his rematch clause at Hell in a Cell.

It was then back to Big Show facing Henry at pay-per-view. At Vengeance, the two had a no-contest when their combined weight literally broke the ring. At Survivor Series, Henry purposely was disqualified to remain champion.

At TLC, the reign of Mark Henry as a world champion, which seemed as unlikely as any other just months earlier, ended when Big Show defeated Henry in a Chairs match. Moments later, Daniel Bryan won the title from Big Show with the Money in the Bank briefcase. A rematch for both big men at Royal Rumble was unsuccessful for both. That's when the chances seemed to end for Mark Henry.

Elimination Chamber had Bryan defend against five men, none of which were Henry. Henry was suspended in storyline for this time, but that changed when John Laurinaitis named Henry to his team for the 12-man tag team match to determine the general manager for both RAW and Smackdown. At WrestleMania, Henry was on the winning end of that match.

Following WrestleMania, Henry took on CM Punk multiple times for the WWE Championship, but could not manage to defeat the champion. Following a loss to Sheamus on April 27, Henry has been taken off of television.

Henry has done appearances for WWE since and was featured on the WWE YouTube page visiting a museum for Arnold Schwarzenegger. His name was pulled from live events in recent weeks, suggesting that his return to the ring will come with something changing for Henry.

The World's Strongest Man could return as the World's Strongest Enforcer, protecting just about anyone. It could be Henry who will return and assist John Laurinaitis in his match against John Cena at Over the Limit. Henry could even be aligned with A.W., who he has spoken to backstage in weeks past.

Bringing legitimacy to A.W.'s growing faction and making a plausible way for Laurinaitis to defeat John Cena at Over the Limit—these are just two of the great ways to use Henry upon return.

At Henry's age, another world championship run seems unlikely. Then again, his initial world title run seemed like it was never going to come either. If there is any thought of Mark Henry hanging up his boots any time soon, an enforcer role can give him a lighter work load, which will end up giving him more longevity health-wise. It also will put Henry, with his mean and maniacal persona, into a place where he can constantly be involved in angles and keep him busy.