ESPN NY's Ryan Ruocco Speaks About His New Gig, Working with Stephen A. Smith

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ESPN NY's Ryan Ruocco Speaks About His New Gig, Working with Stephen A. Smith

Ryan Ruocco, co-host of The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show on the all-new ESPN NY 98.7 FM, joined me on The Pete Barrett Podcast, which is posted weekly on and discussed his new gig and working with his co-host Stephen A. Smith.

On Stephen A. Smith:  

"Stephen A. is awesome. He is such a star, that he is the kind of guy who could demand things if he wanted to, and they would be done, because he has that kind of power – but he is not like that at all. He is totally easy going, he really listens to everything that everyone has to say when contributing to show ideas, and he has been so easy and so fun to work with. He is a really nice guy." 

On The Development of His Catch Phrase:

"I always thought that you shouldn't plan them out (catch phrases), they should come naturally, and then you can kind of adopt them once they have sort of developed organically. For me, 'Lets have some fun, shall we,' just happened when I was first filling in on my own. One of the times I did it, and I was like, 'oh, this is kind of good,' and fitting for the kind of show I do. It continued to fit The Leadoff Spot, and when I hosted with Lundberg as well."

Why He Has Ditched The Line, Now Working With Stephen A.:

@Ryan Ruocco joins @Pete BarrettJr on #ThePeteBarrettPodcast. Tune in!

"It just felt unnatural in this new format, so I am not going to force it, and Stephen A. has made his own adjustment. Instead of 'holla at yo' boy!,' its 'holla at you boys.' We will make whatever adjustments we need to make the show as entertaining, and insightful to as many fans as we possibly can."


The move from AM to FM was huge for ESPN NY. It allows them to reach more listeners with a stronger signal. But for all the benefits it gave ESPN NY, it also causes one problem for me. I need to find a station on my FM1 presets in my car to bump off, to fit the all-new ESPN NY 98.7.

Ryan said he couldn't tell me who to bump off, just that I better find a place for 98.7. I send the same message to you. Program it now, so that you are ready at 1 p.m. each weekday to tune into The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show.

For more info on Ryan Ruocco, and to hear him speak about the New York Knicks, listen to The Pete Barrett Podcast. 

Pete Barrett is a freshman at Gettysburg College, you can follow him on twitter @PeteBarrettJr. 

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