Brock Lesnar: 3 Reasons Former UFC Star Is Horrible for the WWE

Nick HartCorrespondent IMay 10, 2012

Brock Lesnar: 3 Reasons Former UFC Star Is Horrible for the WWE

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    Brock Lesnar's return is horrible for the WWE.  

    The return of the former UFC star has resulted in many deserving young talents being pushed down the card.  It has devalued the championship belts and the men who are holding them. 

    His current program also lacks direction, resulting in a confusing situation for John Cena and the WWE.

He's Burying Young Talent

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    Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE has buried plenty of more deserving, younger talent on the WWE roster.

    Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, two of the most promising younger talents in the WWE, are being billed lower then their position.  

    Their feud over the World Heavyweight Championship should have them among the headlining shows and wrestling the main event in pay-per-views.  

    However, with the return of Lesnar, both have been pushed down the card, resulting in their match taking place halfway through Extreme Rules.  

    Dolph Ziggler is another superstar who has been devalued by the return of Lesnar.

    Ziggler is a tremendous worker, solid on the mic and is capable of being one of the top heels in the company.  

    However, Lesnar's return has pushed him far down the heel rankings, forcing him to job to Brodus Clay at Extreme Rules.  

Title Picture Is Buried

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    Brock Lesnar's return is also burying the title belts.  

    Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, as already mentioned, have been feuding over the World Heavyweight Championship, yet are still billed much lower than the John Cena-Lesnar feud.  

    The World Heavyweight Championship is one of the major belts in the company and should be treated as such.  By building Lesnar-Cena as the No. 1 feud, the WWE devalues and discredits the World Heavyweight Championship.  

    Lesnar's return has had a similar effect on CM Punk and his WWE Championship.  

    CM Punk has been involved in the WWE Championship picture since June 2011, yet his feud is clearly playing second fiddle to Cena-Lesnar.  

    Instead of having Cena headline pay-per-views, CM Punk and his WWE Championship should be the main draw, building the holder of the WWE Championship as the best man in the company.  

    Unfortunately, WWE has diminished the value of the WWE Championship with Lesnar's return.

His Program with Cena Makes No Sense

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    Brock Lesnar's storyline thus far makes no sense.

    The details of Lesnar's contract have been made available, showing that he is only scheduled to make two appearances a month for the WWE, according to

    That's terrible for the WWE, as it forces Lesnar to either cut promos via the TitanTron, or more likely, rely on the returning Paul Heyman to serve as his mouthpiece.

    Considering his storyline so far, it is expected that John Cena and Lesnar will continue their feud after Over the Limit.  

    However, how is Cena supposed to feud with someone who isn't present? Is he to remain idle on nights that Lesnar isn't on Raw, or is he supposed to trade verbal barbs with Lesnar's mouthpiece, Heyman?  

    Neither of those scenarios makes any sense for either Cena or the WWE.


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    Brock Lesnar's return received a huge pop among WWE fans.  It also brought mainstream attention to the WWE.  

    However, it has had numerous negative effects.  

    His return has resulted in younger talent being pushed down the card, or buried altogether.

    The championship belts have been significantly devalued and are essentially props.  

    Finally, his storyline is confusing and sporadic, as he is only a part-time performer.