Jeff Hardy's Title Reign: A Sign of the WWE's Expectations of Him

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2009

When Jeff won the WWE title at Armageddon, we were all amazed, dazed, and confused. No one (along with me) thought that Jeff would win the title this close to his last suspension; then it happened.

We all looked into this and saw that Vince wanted this because he wanted to show that even the WWE champ could be kicked for a third strike. But it didn't happen.

It never happened because Jeff wants to be in this business, but from my perspective, the feeling is not mutual with the WWE.

They wanted him to screw up and get his third strike, but also wanted to get some good ratings out of him with his title "chase and fall" routine.

Eventually we all became too tired of this and wanted to see our favorite guy win the title, it happened. But what we didn't know was that it wasn't wanted.

Stephanie McMahon was amazed at Vince's proposition of Jeff's title reign, she didn't want it to run, but it was Vince who tossed it, so it flew.

The fact that Jeff even won the title is because the WWE cracked under our pressure on it, OUR PRESSURE. They knew that we wanted it, it was chanted throughout crowds and the Internet.

The WWE wanted to stop hearing it so they gave us what we wanted while giving them the chance to make an example of Jeff.

In a realistic view, doing this more and more would make someone crack and give in. In my idea, Jeff probably won't realize it, but if or when he does, it'll be over for him.

I honestly hope that I am wrong, but the signs seem to point in this direction.