Should the NHL Keep the Shootout Format to Settle Playoff Games?

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When the final whistle blew at the end of regulation in Game 5 of the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers series, the teams were knotted at two goals apiece, marking the 21st overtime game contested in the 2012 NHL playoffs.

Triple overtime was needed to decide Game 3 of the series, sending the players and fans deep into the night and early morning.

All that overtime hockey is either stressful or captivating, depending on how your team fares, but one thing fans will agree with is that no other sporting competition compares to playoff hockey, let alone overtime playoff hockey.

Some argue that the shootout could be used in the playoffs to end games earlier and speed up the process of determining a winner. For some reason, though, that just doesn't sit right with a vast majority of hockey enthusiasts.

The shootout might work for regular season games, but in the playoffs it's a major faux pas. At its base, the shootout would cheat the integrity of the game and the fanbase as a whole. 

Find out why on this special NHL Playoff Spotlight delivered by Bleacher Report Productions.

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