WWE: It's Good That Layla Is Back, but Did Anyone Notice She Was Gone?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2012

Welcome back Layla. Image by wrestlingvalley.com
Welcome back Layla. Image by wrestlingvalley.com

Layla El is the current Divas Champion and the last recognized Women's Champion in WWE history.

She is young, beautiful, charismatic and talented. As a member of the dominant female duo "Lay-Cool" alongside Michelle McCool, she literally ruled the Divas landscape between 2009 and 2011, more or less.

Together, they terrorized Mickie James, humiliated Melina and brought the Glamazon to her knees (and left her limping on one too). They shared almost everything, including the Women's championship belt, which they tore in two.

However, the magic ran out after they lost the Divas title to Natalya and failed to reclaim it. Michelle McCool was also the one to be pinned by Snooki of all people, at WrestleMania XXVII. They've tried "couples" therapy but it wasn't enough to save them and a subsequent match followed.

At Extreme Rules last year, Layla accomplished the impossible and beat McCool in a "Loser Leaves WWE" match. Though she defeated a legendary Diva, the English beauty injured her knee.

She tore her ACL and MCL which forced her to take months away from the ring. If that wasn't enough, the debuting Kharma nailed her with an "Implant Buster" and sent her packing.

Time passed and one year later, almost to the day, Layla returned to action and won the Divas championship for the first time in her career by "Laying Out" Nikki Bella at the last pay-per-view.

Before the match, executive administrator to the GM, Eve Torres, announced that the scheduled challenger, Beth Phoenix, would not be medically cleared to compete. Another woman would replace her and at that moment it was certain that the entire WWE Universe expected Kharma to return and destroy the Bella Twins.

It was not Kharma but Layla.

Despite her being a lovely person, it was a disappointment because with the former "Awesome Kong" back, it meant change could be possible for the less-than-spectacular Divas division.

When Layla was away, Beth Phoenix took over and ruled for over six months. She is still the most dominant Diva on the roster and will be again in time. The company writers somehow drop the ball every month when it comes to the ladies.

In over a year, there was no Beth vs. Natalya and no Beth vs. Kharma. Layla's return was the last thing on the average fan's mind. People want action and excitement, not one-minute matches.

Did you really notice she was away? Everyone knew but she is still somewhat of a recent star and hasn't really made it to legendary status yet. The "Simply Flawless" one has great potential but it is not enough to save the division.

Will her reign be a transitional one, who knows? But if it serves to restore some lost glory to the goddesses of the ring then so be it.

It is happy news to see her back on her feet but Layla has her work cut out for her. She may have passed under the radar during her leave but now is the time for her to make her mark. 

Make it happen, girl! I believe in you.