One Of A Time? : Rob Van Dam Made a Comeback at The Royal Rumble.

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

Before you read this, did anyone else see a preview of "Next Week's SmackDown!" Before the end of the broadcast, the winners were declared and lined up. Now RVD!

Rob Van Dam showed up at the Royal Rumble, last week. When he was seen, he immediately commanded the attention and adoration of the crowd. Every one has been wondering what's next for RVD.

When I first saw the arrival of "Mr. Monday Night," I was completely taken off guard. I heard the music, I didn't even recognize it for a few seconds. It has been so long since I saw the "Hardcore High Flyer" in action.

As I watched him going all out, Rob Van Dam style, I was psyched! I was amazed, how he had no "ring rust." Rob was in full swing, great as ever! My first thought was "I hope he wins!" On the other hand, it has been all too cliche to see a comeback and a victory.

After RVD had been tossed out, I was just about as upset as the live audience. My next thought, however, was "What show is he going to be on?" The announcements were made, that there would be an "Elimination Chamber" match. I just knew that he would have to be in one. He has always been amazing in those matches.

The only problem was, I looked on and as I was searching through the rosters while writing another article, I saw no evidence RVD had even been in the "Rumble," or in any roster.

There are no pictures of Van Dam. There is no info on Rob. He was back for as long as Kizarny's debut. Horrible to think RVD would compare to Kizarny in any way.

Either way, he pulled a Kaiser Sosay. "And like that, (hoo) he was gone."