What Does The Future Hold For Hernandez and Evan Bourne?

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What Does The Future Hold For Hernandez and Evan Bourne?

Hi, last week if you remember (or really care), I started my weekly series called What Does The Future Hold For? Where I look at two superstars (one from TNA and one from WWE) and look at their potential futures.

Today I look at my personal favorite WWE Superstar Evan Bourne and The Latin American Xchange's own Hernandez.

First I will look at Evan Bourne. Bourne in my opinion is the greatest acquisition that WWE has made in a while. Through the ECW Talent Initiative we have seen some great superstars such as Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, and Ricky Ortiz.

While we have seen the not so great acquisitions like Gavin Spears, Chris Harr....sorry Braden Walker, and DJ Gabriel.

Evan Bourne, though, is definitely the best there is in ECW today. He's fast, exciting, executes a beautiful finishing maneuver, and has so much potential to be an upper mid card superstar. But let's take a look at what his future holds.

We all know Vince McMahon love big men.So as far as that stays the way it is, Evan will never be a WWE World Champion but I think Vince actually realizes his potential and that explains all of the focus around him.

By that I mean making a huge deal about his injury, giving him a Slammy, and by making him a Downloadable Superstar on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009.

Right now, he looks like he will be put in the middle of the Mysterio/Knox fued which I feel is a decent start to his career. I believe Mysterio could mentor Bourne and tag with him until Bourne could have a big singles push on Raw/ECW.

Well for the time being, he will be a future Tag Team Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, but never a WWE Champion until Vince gets over his "obsession."

The next man I am going to discuss is "SuperMac" Hernandez. I swear this guy is an unbelievable big guy has so much energy. He can fly around the ring as well as showing of his strength during a match with about everyone.

The thing that I think is stopping his singles push is LAX. Don't get me wrong, LAX is a great team and they left a mark in TNA, but how long can a tag team last? No matter how much chemistry they have with each other, it gets stale after a while. Anyways  let's look at Hernandez.

As I said before, Hernandez has had a great tag team career, but I believe until the day LAX splits up Hernandez will always be a mid-card tag team champion. Hernandez I think will be a TNA World Heavyweight Champion some day, but not for a while.

At the moment LAX isn't doing much in TNA but Hernandez will have a World Heavyweight Title shot soon, thought he probably won't win. His time will come soon.

Hernandez has a bright future ahead of him with a high amount of accomplishments on his resume. But for now let us hope he is even featured on TNA Impact Thursdays at 9 P.M.  on Spike in High Definition.

In conclusion hope for Vince's obsession to end and for a proper Evan Bourne career which will hopefully happen and a definite Hernandez title run sometime. Until next week where I review Jay Lethal and Boogeyman, I am DJ R.

Dream Match for Evan Bourne: Money in the Bank Ladder Match between Evan Bourne, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Mr. Kennedy, Edge, and Christian

Dream Match for Hernandez: 30 Man Ironman Match: Hernandez vs Samoa Joe

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