NHL Playoffs 2012: Top 20 Hockey Fan Photos from the Playoffs

Jason SapunkaCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2012

NHL Playoffs 2012: Top 20 Hockey Fan Photos from the Playoffs

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    The NHL playoffs bring out the best in everyone; the players go their hardest to win, while fans show their dedication in a number of incredible and eccentric ways.

    Bleacher Report is fortunate enough to have a partnership with Getty Images, which supplies excellent in-game photography, including that of the beautiful fans who drive the passion of NHL hockey.

    Here are the 20 most interesting shots of hockey fans captured so far in the 2012 NHL playoffs.

Honorable Mention: Hartnell vs. Hogan

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    Scott Hartnell had some fun doing Hulk Hogan's signature taunt to a Penguins fan who looks just like the famous wrestler.

20. Fancy Hat

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    This Phoenix fan seems spiritually connected to the desert's hockey club.

19. Start Them Young!

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    This little Flyers fan is learning to be dedicated at a young stage in life.

    By high school, this cutie will be disrespecting opposing fans in no time!

18. House of Pain

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    Philadelphia is not a place where away teams should enjoy playing.

17. Phoenix Playoff Beard

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    This Coyotes fan's playoff beard is more impressive than most NHL stars.

16. Rangers Signatures

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    It's difficult to read all of them, but this blueshirt fan must have some impressive names on the sweater.

15. Coyotes Cutie

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    She's cute and she appears to enjoy hockey.

    What more could a guy ask for?

14. Flyers Skeleton

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    It's a nice face-paint job.

13. Coyotes Fan Intelligence

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    "Free" a guy who was suspended 25 games for what is likely the dirtiest hockey play of the season?

    Makes sense.

12. Win It for Nicky

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    Nicklas Backstrom was suspended one game for a hit on Rich Peverley.

11. Flyers: Tissues for Crosby

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    These Flyers fans were kind enough to offer tissues for Sidney Crosby when Philadelphia eliminated the whiner's Penguins in the first round.

10. Registered Fans

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    When you don't feel that wearing a jersey to the game is enough, you can always put a license plate around your neck.

    Or not. Whatever you decide is normal.

9. Devils Score!

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    This guy has the arena covered, just in case the thousands of fans who paid hundreds of dollars to watch an NHL playoff game could not tell a goal was scored by the puck going in the net, the red light going on and the Devils celebrating.

8. Penguins Yellowfan

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    At least he wore underwear.

7. Flyers Goatie

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    That is some of the most intimidating facial hair you will ever see.

6. Coyotes ???

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    If you have an explanation as to what is going on here, please do so in a comment.

5. Friend Zone

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    Her apparent boyfriend shut that down pretty quick.

4. Supercanuck?

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    He looks a bit like a superhero, but where was he to stop the riots last season?

3. Senatron

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    What is a Senatron?

    Not sure, but it does not seem like a good idea to mess with it.

2. Marchand Fan

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    She must be a goalie.

1. When You See It...

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    Sometimes it's better not to ask questions.


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