How Do You Live Without Football?

Mike AlmightyContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

NCAA Football is now over and the NFL end is not too far off either. What do I do now that we are deep in Winter and Spring is near?

The Fall gives me something to look forward to on TV. Nearly every night of the week gets impacted by football games I feel I can’t miss. Maybe I am too obsessive, maybe I am just a big fan; but either way, I need my fair share of football. The college game provides something to watch on Thursday and Saturdays with some games on Tuesdays and Sundays while the NFL takes over my Sundays and Mondays.

Later in the season you get NFL on Thursday and Saturdays as well. That really only leaves Wednesday for me to catch up on my sleep or any personal matters. Six days out of the week I am either at a game, at the bar, or locked into mine or a friend's TV watching a game.

I have been pushed to work this weekend to keep on track for project deliverables that are due next week. I was to have a meeting tomorrow morning for something education related and of course the NFL playoffs all weekend will occupy the evenings. I finally agreed to work, but made clear I am not available after 4:30PM on Saturday or 1:00PM on Sunday.

I offered to cancel my Saturday morning appointment. Is that overboard? I bet there are so many others out there just like me who are obsessed with football, and so many out there who think I am crazy for agreeing to even work on the weekend.

Life is about sacrifices. I am sacrificing my personal time to work on the weekend, I am just not going to sacrifice watching football.