Cane and Abel: Is Matt Really Jealous of His Little Brother Jeff??

Wesley MairContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

Do I sense a little bit of Cane and Abel going on here? Is Matt really jealous of his brother Jeff. Jeff does get way more attention than Matt gets.

Matt is just as good as his brother is in one-on-one competitions and he proved that when he beat Mark Henry one-on-one.

As you did see when Matt Hardy won the ECW Championship there were a lot of cheers for Matt cause he finally got the job done and won the gold.

However there were way more cheers when Jeff finally won the WWE Championship. The WWE kept talking about how Jeff finally got the job done he finally won the big one, then when I think about it why the WWE doesn't mention Matt's name as much as Jeff's.

Then Edge made it worse he even put the words in Matt's head when he told Matt that the fans and the WWE loves his brother Jeff way more than they love Matt. Brothers like Matt and Jeff will always have love for each other; don't get me wrong about that.

One thing is for sure though, brothers are always in a competition with one another, doesn't matter what it is, and each brother wants to out perform and out play the other brother. That's just the way it is.

Each brother wants more attention than the other brother. If one brother sees that the other brother gets more attention than him, then he will eventually get mad and become frustrated and in this case that's what happened to Matt.

So what Matt chose to do is what Cane chose to do to Abel, and that was attack him with force. So I think Matt is jealous of Jeff, but that is some cold blooded stuff to do to your own brother, don't you think?