South Carolina Football: Connor Mitch a Major Win for Gamecocks

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IMay 9, 2012

It's early, but South Carolina has already won something versus Alabama, LSU and a handful of other elite schools from around the country. 

Landing Connor Mitch represents something much bigger than "just" landing a 4-star, highly touted signal-caller.

The Gamecocks took something away that Alabama and LSU really wanted.  That usually doesn't happen.  Alabama and LSU usually get the pick of the litter, and make no mistake, Mitch was one of the picks for both schools. 

At 6'4" and 210 pounds, he's a big, prototypical pocket quarterback.  He's got a major gun for an arm, and could actually have one of the strongest arms that the Gamecock program has ever had.

He's also going to be an early enrollee, meaning the Gamecock faithful won't have very long to wait to see the man in action. 

The Gamecock recruiting train is trucking along already for 2013.  They've already entrenched themselves in the top 25, and landing a guy like Mitch only helps.

He's already committed himself to being a huge Gamecock recruiter, taking to Twitter and other social devices to try to coerce some major players to join the "family," as he puts it.

He's a respected and savvy player that others listen to.  He's showed well in his various camps and showcased an ability to play the off-field game as well as he plays the on-field game.  He says all the right things and will be an excellent ambassador for the Gamecocks. 

This is a major coup for the South Carolina Gamecocks.