Anthony Bennett: 3 Reasons Huge Recruit Needs to Pick Kentucky

Nolan Ahern@@NolanAhernContributor IIIMay 9, 2012

Anthony Bennett: 3 Reasons Huge Recruit Needs to Pick Kentucky

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    Anthony Bennett is the best power forward in this year's college basketball recruiting class, according to, and he has yet to choose a college destination.

    Bennett is a 6'8", 230 pound forward with explosive athleticism and a good shooting touch. He has the size and footwork to bang inside with opposing big men, and is also a matchup problem when he steps outside the three-point line, where he can shoot or drive to the basket.

    Bennett is still considering Kentucky, UNLV and Oregon. All of these teams could use an impact forward like Bennett, but he must choose which school he needs the most—that school is Kentucky.

    Here are three reasons why this stud recruit should join the defending national champions in Lexington next year.

John Calipari

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    John Calipari has been criticized for his brushes with recruiting violations in the past, but he is currently at the top of the college basketball world after winning the national championship.

    At Kentucky, Calipari has managed to recruit several top recruits to replace a rotating group of starters that depart for the NBA each year. This has been a successful formula for the Wildcats so far, and Calipari's squad should be just as competitive this coming season.

    No coach has been consistently churning out NBA prospects quite like Calipari recently. Six players from last year's championship team could expect to get drafted, where they would join five players from the 2010-2011 Kentucky team (John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Co.).

    Calipari takes tremendous athletes and turns them into excellent defenders who play a great brand of team basketball. He knows what NBA coaches and scouts looks for in their prospects, and he instills these traits into his players at Kentucky.

    Bennett would benefit from spending time with a coach like Calipari, who will prepare Bennett for the NBA as no other coach can.

Fellow Kentucky Recruits

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    Kentucky lost all five starters and their sixth man to the NBA, but Calipari has replaced them with four stud recruits, three of which are on the list of top 100 recruits.

    Nerlens Noel is a 6'10", 215-pound center who draws comparisons to Anthony Davis with his athleticism and shot-blocking ability. He would play the five next to Bennett, and the two would be excellent complements.

    Archie Goodwin (6'5", 181-pound shooting guard) and Alex Poythress (6'7", 215-pound small forward) are both top-five recruits at their position and would join Bennett and Noel in the starting five. In addition to Willie Cauley—the No. 11 ranked center in this class—there will be other role players who have not yet committed.

    Bennett will benefit from practice time with these other strong players, especially a terrific post-defender like Noel. If any aspect of Bennett's game needs work, it's his moves on the block, and there is no better place to refine these skills than at Kentucky.

Pro Readiness

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    Bennett's athleticism and versatility make him an excellent NBA prospect already.

    His ability to play inside while also stretching the defense with his three-point ability makes him a dangerous offensive weapon. On defense, Bennett has the strength and footwork to stay with any forward in college basketball.

    Bennett is not likely to stay in school for too long, and could even be a one-and-done prospect who finds himself preparing for the draft a year from now. Kentucky has had more of these prospects than anyone recently, and nobody cultivates NBA talent in less time than Calipari, and Bennett could be one of the latest talented Wildcats to go high in the draft after just one year at school.