Detroit Lions: ESPN Analyst Cris Carter Predicts Big Things for Ryan Broyles

Chris MaddenAnalyst IIMay 8, 2012

Detroit Lions fans are very familiar with Cris Carter. In his hay day he helped the Minnesota Vikings dominate Detroit year in, year out.

These days he works for the "World Wide Leader" as an NFL analyst. His comments last year about Calvin Johnson drew the ire of another generation of Lions fans when he refused to give Johnson his due.

Megatron preceded to have a truly dominant season and Carter, to his credit, admitted he overlooked the Lions wideout.

Now Carter has commented on another Lions wide receiver. During Monday's NFL Live show, Carter selected Ryan Broyles as the rookie receiver with the biggest upside. Here's the quote:

A guy who might be a sleeper, a second-round pick who got hurt late in his career at Oklahoma, Ryan Broyles," Carter said. "He's going to be playing with Megatron, and with Stafford, and they're going to have a running game this year. He's going to play in some significant games, and I just believe that he has tremendous potential as a slot receiver. Look for a big rookie year out of him because he's not going to have the pressure of some of these other high draft picks.

While I am always happy to hear anyone say anything positive about the Detroit Lions—and I sure hope Carter is right—his comments have me puzzled.

It's not because I disagreed with the Broyles pick either. While I still think there was better value to be had, I'm starting to come around to the idea of a fourth receiver.


His health will ultimately determine how much impact he has, though.

No, there are two other reasons I scratch my head. First, he mentions that the Lions are "going to have a running game this year."

Either Carter has Martin Mayhew's office bugged, or he's simply spouting hot air. The Lions running game has more questions than The Riddler. Even if Mikel Leshoure is completely recovered from his Achilles injury, he's unproven.

Assuming that he's going to light the world on fire is a big assumption. Especially given the offensive line's history of sub-par run blocking.

Combine that with Jahvid Best's questionable status and you have a running game in doubt.

Secondly, Carter says Broyles won't "have the pressure of some of these other high draft picks." I disagree. The Broyles second-round selection was a shocker and the most debated draft pick of Mayhew's tenure.

There is a large section of fans that think he was a mistake. They would have preferred a cornerback or running back be drafted.

This group of critics will surely be watching Broyles every step and waiting for their "I told you so" moment.

The pressure could intensify if he starts the season on the PUP list, as this article suggests, and remains inactive for an extended period of time. 

So when Carter suggests the rookie wideout will enjoy a pressure-free season, I think he couldn't be farther from the truth.

Broyles will see his share of doubters and haters.

Carter is an entertaining guy to listen to. He's definitely not afraid to throw his opinions out there for the rest of us to chew on and for that one must give him credit.

His comments regarding Broyles need to be taken with a grain of salt, though. I don't think he has a grasp on the situation in Detroit and the issues that the rookie might face.