Should Auto Racing Be an Olympic Sport?

Logan Riley Contributor IJanuary 30, 2009

I watched the Beijing Olympics with interest as for the first time in Olympic history BMX was an Olympic sport. I was actually quite impressed with how the Olympics had gotten more in touch with a "hip" crowd for this year's events.

A while later I began to wonder if it was possible to see maybe an Olympic auto racing event with a sort of Le Mans twist to it: the best drivers from all over the world—Dario Franchitti, Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Steve Kinser, and many others racing for their respective countries. The race could be both individual and team races, with the main event being a 24-hour race between the international race teams.

In my opinion, I think that bringing all of auto racing's top stars into one show would give a significant boost to Olympic attendance, which actually had the audacity to televise Olympic power walking, which was aired on MSNBC during the late night hour when no one honestly cared anymore.

I think the IOC should give it a shot. Not only would it bring famous racers to an international market, but Jeff Gordon racing in the Olympics is also something that, if done right, could make JG mega-millions in endorsements.