Here's to You, Brett Favre

Sean NeugentContributor IMarch 4, 2008

Green Bay, WI-- Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre retired early Tuesday morning stunning Cheeseheads and football fans alike.  Favre may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.  Here is a tribute to number four.

Here's to a kid that played the role of Peter Pan and never grew up on that playing field.

Here's to Ron Wolf and Steve Mariucci for trading a first round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for an unproven country boy.   

Here's to 17 fun-filled seasons.

Here's to the memory of you fist clenching and ripping your helmet off in celebration after winning Super Bowl XXXI. 

Here's to acting on and off the field, the improvisations on the field and the one-liners in Something about Mary.

Here's to only doing jeans and antacid commercials and not trying to be a pretty boy. 

Here's to the 2007-2008 season where you seemingly broke a new record every game. 

Here's to a man who played unselfish football.

Here's to a man who loved and cherished his teammates.  

Here's to a man who only cared about one statistic: winning.

Here's to giving up painkillers and beer for his family, but never giving up his love for crawfish. 

Here's to an ironman who was knocked down countless times but mustered up everything he had every year for those 60 minutes.

Here's to having countless goofy and quirky stories.

Here's to giving all the credit to his teammates.

Here's to his great big smile—it always meant the Packers were winning. 

Here's to overcoming all his tragedies.

Here's to having the game of his life a day after his father passed away.

Here's to the fans who always held their breaths every time he attempted a deep pass. 

Here's to a hero whose only kryptonite was age.  

Here's to leaving everything on the field.  

Here's to a legend that will never be forgotten...

Thank you Brett for everything you have done for the game of football, you will be missed dearly.