Coaches Get It Wrong by Not Picking Knicks' David Lee for the All-Star Game

Knickfan7Contributor IJanuary 30, 2009

David Lee, the 30th pick of the 2005 NBA Draft and 2007 NBA Rookie Challenge MVP, is tied for first in the NBA in double-doubles, fourth in rebounds per game, and fourth in field-goal percentage. Lee has had a coming-out party under Mike D'Antoni this year. He's improved in every major category and is still improving. Many felt that this run-and-gun style would not fit his style of play, but he's proved them wrong.

This stellar play of his led to some experts predicting an All-Star berth for him. Unfortunately, his name was not announced. This is a major snub to Lee, who has been the best center in the East after Dwight Howard. Lee has been a walking double-double all year and has led a Knicks team to respectability at 20-25 and tied for the eighth seed in the East.

Instead, Lee will watching the festivities from his couch. Lee was ousted from an All-Star spot by players such as Danny Granger. Yes, Granger is having an unbelievable year, but his team is 18-28 and has the second-worst record in the East. If an All-Star is defined by stats, then Al Jefferson of the Timberwolves should be an All-Star, then Zach Randolph has been an All-Star the last four years.

If you take Lee away from the Knicks, would they be at 20-25? Would they have a chance at the playoffs? No, they would not.

All we can do now is hope someone gets hurt and Lee gets his number called by commissioner David Stern because the league could use nothing more than a Knicks player representing them in the marquee event of the weekend.