WWE News: Spoilers on How Long Paul Heyman Will Be with the WWE After His Return

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

In a move that shocked fans at the Raw SuperShow last night in Greensboro and fans across the world, Paul Heyman returned to the WWE as Brock Lesnar’s legal adviser in which he said the former WWE and UFC Champion had quit the company and would never return.

This was the first time we have seen Heyman in a WWE ring since he left the company in 2006 after a dispute with Vince McMahon over the booking at the lone ECW pay-per-view in company history December to Dismember.

With his return to the company as aid to Lesnar Monday night, how long will we see the former ECW owner in a WWE ring moving forward this year?

From PWInsider.com (Via WrestlingInc.com):

Plans are in place to have Heyman in the company through August. A Lesnar vs. Triple H grudge match is expected for SummerSlam where Heyman will be featured with Lesnar. Heyman will most likely disappear from WWE TV following SummerSlam.

After the few Lesnar promos that were lackluster—most notably the one before his match with John Cena at Extreme RulesHeyman is the perfect person to speak for Lesnar on television like he did in his initial run in 2002. 

Even though Heyman will only be back in the WWE for a short time, it would be a great move if the company could keep him around beyond August as aid to Brock Lesnar throughout the remaining part of his one-year deal with the company.

Following his shocking return to the WWE on Raw SuperShow, would you like to see Heyman stay on with the company as the manager of Lesnar instead of leaving at the end of the summer?


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