WWE News: Watch Paul Heyman Return to the WWE as Advisor for Brock Lensar on Raw

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For those in attendance at the Greensboro Coliseum for Raw SuperShow, they were up close and personal as hell froze over with Paul Heyman making his return to the WWE as representation for Brock Lesnar.

Before making his way out to the ring, WWE Champion CM Punk tweeted a picture of Heyman in the backstage area as the two were visiting throughout the show tonight in Greensboro.

In his promo toward the end of the show, Heyman read a statement from Lesnar saying that he’s immediately quiting the company and will never return following his attack on Triple H last week that broke the COO of the WWE’s arm in the process.

This was the first time we have seen Heyman in a WWE ring since he left the company in 2006 after a dispute with Vince McMahon over the booking at the lone ECW pay-per-view in company history, December to Dismember.

Even though Heyman did not leave under not the greatest of circumstances, it would be beneficial for the WWE to bring back Heyman full-time to be Lesnar's manager, like during Lesnar's initial run in the company in the earlier 2000s.

The biggest reason Heyman needs to be Lesnar's manager is because the former UFC and WWE Champion has delivered several poorly excuted promos that definitely needed some help.

Following the return of the former ECW owner, do you think we’ll see Heyman more in the coming weeks, or was this a one-off appearance on Raw last night?

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