Francesco Totti's 10 Most Beautiful Goals

Hristina Tisheva@soddisfazioneCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

Francesco Totti's 10 Most Beautiful Goals

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    Living legend, one of Roma’s all-time best players, master, genius. Any of these words describe Serie A Roma’s striker and captain Francesco Totti.

    At 35, he is still a regular starter but his game is not as good as it used to be. Yet, he has played 26 games this season, scoring eight goals.

    He has scored 215 goals since joining the senior AS Roma team in 1992.

    The 10 goals featured here are in no particular order. I just could not pick one that I liked the most.

    Rate them in the comments section, if you like. And certainly let me know if you think a goal I have not included deserves to be featured.

Long Distance

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    Oct. 26, 2005

    Inter 2 - 3 Roma

    Francesco Totti makes goals out of nowhere and from any position. Long distance goals like the one in this video were his specialty.

    Totti got himself red-carded in the end but scored a brilliant second goal for Roma that game, giving his team a comfortable 0-2 lead.

No Time to Prepare

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    Dec. 10, 2000

    Roma 2 - 1 Udinese

    Did you see how Totti did not even let the ball hit the ground?

    He just shot it straight in the net while it was still in the air. Another one of his specialties.

Wonder Goal

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    March 10, 2002

    Lazio 1 - 5 Roma

    Even though striker Vincenzo Montella scored four of the goals for Roma that day, it was Totti's wonder goal that is still remembered. 

    This time he had time to prepare.

No Stopping First

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    March 29, 1998

    Roma 2 - 2 Parma

    Another beautiful goal by Roma forward Francesco Totti. It's in the first 30 seconds of the video. (The second goal is also magnificent but not Totti's creation.)

    Totti chased the ball, outrunning Parma's defenders and scoring the first goal without even setting it first.

No Surprise

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    Dec. 7, 1997

    Roma 3 - 0 Atalanta

    Francesco Totti scores in the 27th minutes for 2-0 lead over Atalanta.

    An easy game for Roma, with their captain showing once again that long distance is no problem for scoring.

Phenomenal Goal

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    Nov. 26, 2006

    Sampdoria 2 - 4 Roma

    The description of the video says it better than I can. "A phenomenal goal by the AS Roma Capitano."

    Francesco Totti scores the fourth goal for his team in the 74th minute. At 30, he's still got it.

    Again, he did not let the ball hit the pitch.

Powerful Goal

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    Nov. 8, 2008

    Bologna 1 - 1 Roma

    Francesco Totti proved in this game that he was still fit to lead the team to victory. Cicinho tries to clear the ball away, but it ends up in his own net. That happens sometimes. 

    Totti's technique and control of his ball skills were still very much in check, as well as his strength. This was one of the most powerful goals I've seen him score.

Nice and Easy

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    Nov. 26, 1995

    Roma 2 - 1 Bari

    This is Francesco Totti's fourth season as a professional player. He spent his entire career at AS Roma.

    At 19, he had the skills and patience to score a goal like this one.

    Totti eventually became top scorer with 215 goals and the most capped player for Roma.

Two in One Game

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    April 26, 1998

    Udinese 2 - 4 Roma

    Francesco Totti scores two goals for AS Roma to beat Udinese at home.

    Both goals show Totti is always at the right place at the right time. And while this could have been luck, he had an eye on the ball both times and was able to place himself in a perfect position to shoot. That is skill.

The Finish Man

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    Sept. 20, 2009

    Roma 3 - 1 Fiorentina

    Francesco Totti scored two of the goals for Roma. The goal in this video is the second one in the 33th minute. Danielle De Rosi scored the third, assisted by Totti.

    Totti is a very intelligent player with a great eye for the goal. He may not be as fast anymore, but is still most valuable in the striker's, the attacking mid-fielder's position, or in between.

    Wherever he is, he can still score from dead ball positions.