Top 10: Weirdest Names in Sports Today

Rob Greissinger@@Rob_Gsinger25Correspondent IIMay 10, 2012

Top 10: Weirdest Names in Sports Today

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    There are some strange names in the world. Sports has no exceptions. There are some guys who are more famous because of their name rather than for their success on the playing surface. Some just sound weird when they are said.  

    These are some of the weirdest names whether they were given at birth, through a legal name change or a nickname. For those who were given the name at birth, it is hard not to ask yourself, "what were his or her parents thinking when they named him or her?"

10. Will Power

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    This is perhaps one of the most normal names. It sounds normal to IndyCar fans and race fans in general when they hear it.

    I'll never forget when I was watching an IndyCar race after the unification and my dad asked who had won the race, I said "Will Power" without giving it much thought. He then said to me, "That's his name? That has to be fake." 

    Will Power's will power? That is a little strange no matter which way you look at it. Luckily for Power, his talent behind the wheel of a race car is more widely known than the sound of his name. He is truly one of the world's best drivers. 

9. Scott Speed

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    In contrast to Will Power, Scott Speed is the exact opposite. It's only fitting that Speed is a race car driver. What would only make it better is if he was in a Top Fuel dragster. The name and trade would fit perfectly that way. 

    Speed was the first American to race in Formula One since Michael Andretti's dismal attempt at racing in the world's top racing series. Speed lasted a little longer than Andretti, but was not very successful in Europe. He came to NASCAR and did not have much success.

    He also tried to make a start in the Indianapolis 500 last May. He couldn't get comfortable and didn't make a qualifying attempt at Indy. At the moment, he is still trying to find fast speed in NASCAR. 

8. Chad Ochocinco

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    The former Chad Johnson wanted to change his name to match his number 85. If you want to get technical, Ochocinco isn't a real Spanish word. If you split them apart and make them separate words, they would translate literally to "eight five." Ochenta y cinco is the correct Spanish word for 85.  

    The above analysis is all you really need to know.

    Fun Fact: He even got to play in Super Bowl XLVI for the Patriots. His tryout with Sporting Kansas City of MLS is more widely known. 

7. Metta World Peace

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    It's hard to say which is a bigger mystery from the NBA. Ron Artest or Dennis Rodman? Both men are some of sports' most colorful characters. Artest stands out more than Rodman because of what he changed his name to - Metta World Peace. 

    It's not even worth explaining why. 

Why Are Ochocino and World Peace so Far Down on the List?

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    Legal name changes counted against them. If it was their name from birth or a nickname, it would be more respectable. It's hard to respect someone that just does it for the attention. 

6. Jonathan Quick

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    There is not only one player with a weird name to have the Staples Center as his home arena.  The goalie for the Los Angeles Kings is Jonathan Quick. 

    To be an NHL goaltender, you have to be quick.

    Quick sure is quick. His quickness has led his eighth seeded Kings to a spot in the Western Conference / Stanley Cup Finals. 

5. The Force Family

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    John Force made his own name by winning NHRA championship after championship. The man also has four daughters. Three of them were made famous because of a reality show called "Driving Force." Force has said many times on TV that he is ugly and his daughters are beautiful. 

    Two of John's daughters have raced their father at the top level of NHRA drag racing.

    Ashley Force-Hood: retired (motherhood) from driving to focus on family life and other ventures in the business. 

    Courtney Force: currently a rookie in the NHRA Full Throttle Series racing a Funny Car. 

4. Milton Bradley

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    "Toy Boy" is one insult I've personally heard thrown at Milton Bradley the baseball player.

    When you are named after a brand, you are facing an almost 100 percent chance of being subject to ridicule and heckling.

    It becomes even worse when the brand you are named after is a game and toy company. 

3. Coco Crisp

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    Another baseball player named after a brand. This time, it is cereal. 

    According to Baseball Almanac, Coco Crisp's real first name is Covelli. Coco is merely a nickname. It surely got him noticed by scouts in the early going. Luckily for him and for fans, we get to see him play. Without him, this list would be missing something. 

2. Chris Moneymaker

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    Some would argue poker is not a sport. Some argue it's a mental sport. ESPN covers poker, so it must be a sport.

    The argument doesn't matter here. Regardless of your opinion or what side of the fence you are on, the debate was started because of one man—Chris Moneymaker. 

    His real name. He has said it multiple times in interviews and in his book. Moneymaker was an regular guy—an accountant before winning the 2003 World Series of Poker after turning a $40 buy-in an online satellite to a $2.5 million win in Las Vegas.

Honorable Mentions

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    Before the number one weirdest name is revealed, these guys missed out on making the list because they are either retired or lack the notoriety of an Ochocinco.

    Thus they are honorable mentions:

    Dick Trickle - Retired NASCAR driver.

    Ron Tugnutt - retired NHL goalie.

    Dit Clapper - former Boston Bruins left winger and defenseman.

    God Shammgod aka Shammgod Wells - Former guard for the Washington Wizards who was last known to be playing in the International Basketball League in China.

    Cal Clutterbuck - Right Wing for the Minnesota Wild.

    Ben Gay - Former Running Back for the Cleveland Browns.

    Orel Hershiser - Hall of Fame Pitcher.

1. Chief Kickingstallionsims

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    The center from Alabama State has a name that is so hard to pronounce, it's not even worth trying. 

    What makes it strange is seems like his name could be easier to pronounce if it was "kicking stallions while playing the Sims."

    It must be hard to give him a nickname with such a strange name. To make it easy, his real name, is his nickname. 

    It also must be funny when someone says to him, "you got it, Chief!"