Merchant Gives MMA Some Of It's Own Medacine...And They Don't Like It

james stansberryContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

First let me start by saying WOW! What a great fight that was Saturday night between Mosely and Margarito.  I was very excited watching them walk into the ring, no doubt this was going to be a war.  As I watched Mosely walking into the ring I heard Merchant babbaling and made a statement along the lines of Delahoya being at a nearby MMA event and how you would have to pay him to attend one.

I chuckled. Not because I dislike MMA but because of how smug Merchant came off.  I'm no Merchant fan, and his post fight interviews are barley tolerable, but this was Merchant at his best. And now the world of MMA wants his head on a platter.

Fans of MMA are calling for appolagies, saying Oscar Delahoya should step up and set the record straight, have Afflictions back, and even saying HBO should fire Larry Merchant for this one insignificant statement!POPPYCOCK AND RUBBISH I SAY!!!!

Where are the world of MMA's manners at when Joe Rogan and Chuck Liddel go on Sports Center and claim that boxing is a dead sport, verbally jab at some of the champions of the boxing world saying that they wouldn't last one round in an MMA ring(and they might not, as well an MMA fighter would get decapitated in the boxing ring). And Danna White, with his constant frowning upon of boxing, from how it's run to how limited it's athletes are, makes my stomach turn and made Merchants words(plus a packed house) a nice slap to the face for MMA and it's fans.

Now don't go thinking I'm an MMA hater, because I'm not. I've watched UFC and Pride for years.  But I love boxing and I can only hear "boxing is dead" so much before retaliation must be taken.  To all you MMA fans who are makeing a big deal about Larry Merchant's statements take a look at some of the top figures in your own sport and see how many disrespectful things are said of boxing before you go crying foul, this is boxing, a mans sport. We don't cry over here.