Layla Kiffin and the 25 Hottest College Football Coaches' Wives

Dan VastaSenior Writer IIIMay 8, 2012

Layla Kiffin and the 25 Hottest College Football Coaches' Wives

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    The start of the 2012 college football could not come soon enough, but we are less than four months away from everything getting underway.

    The bad news is we have to wait out those tough and grueling 16 weeks, but the good news is rankings and lists like these emerge.

    So, who really are the hottest college football coach's wives in America?

    Not everybody makes the list as only a select group catch America's attention, but there will be a few on here that should become more famous in the immediate future alongside their successful counterparts.

    Without further ado, here are your 25 hottest coach's wives alongside the lovely Layla Kiffin.

    Note: Yes, I put forth some research as always, but in a few of these slides I tried to remind everybody that these wives are not just gloating on dream street. Many of them work just as hard, if not harder than your typical housewives. Lastly, enjoy the list!

Tyla Hudspeth, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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    Despite making less than an annual salary of $1 million and failing to hit a home run as a coach yet, Mark Hudspeth did just that in landing his wife, Tyla.

    Mark was a former quarterback for Delta State before he became their offensive coordinator (1999-2000).

    He then became the Midshipmen’s offensive coordinator in 2001 and eventually landed a head coaching job at North Alabama for eight seasons, where he posted an impressive 66-21 record (four playoff trips).

    Having been the Mississippi State wide receivers coach from 2009-2010, he has just finished up his first season as the head coach at UL, where he led them to their first bowl victory since 1943!

    While that is a great achievement, most will argue landing his wife is a much more accomplishing prize, at least for the moment.

Carol Muschamp, Florida

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    Will Muschamp is a crazy and possessed madman on the field. Time will tell if his Gators will help calm him down, but you cannot prevent or take away his passion as a coach.

    He develops legit defensive players, and he was deemed Mack Brown’s replacement coach at Texas before he was offered the job by Florida.

    In time, the Gators should not be too shabby, but Muschamp’s wife, Carol, looks much better than the current state of the Gators. 

Fumi Franklin, Vanderbilt

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    James Franklin is one of your more underrated coaches in the SEC and beyond.

    Well, his wife seems to be under the radar as well and the move from College Park to Nashville should help out her popularity a bit more.

    SEC nation is loaded with crazed fans and win or lose (winning is better), this wife of the Commodores head coach will be catching the eyes of more future fans. 

Allison Dooley, Tennessee

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    Dr. Dooley isn’t the only successful one in their household, and raising three children on Saturdays around an SEC football coach is not an easy task.

    She knows the SEC is full of die-hards and having two young sons play football on Saturdays or during the week can be tough, but she really understands it all.

    Dooley says, "I love football, and I want to win too, but it's still just a game."

    Well, her husband will really need to win to stay off the hot seat, but that certainly takes nothing away from Allison.

Shelley Meyer, Ohio State

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    Urban Meyer is looked upon as one of the highest-profile coaches in the country and outside of Nick Saban, there may not be any coach who has accomplished more.

    Shelley Meyer has been raising her three children while Urban went with her all over the place (Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Notre Dame, Utah and Florida).

    Shelley has taught at the nursing school and has to be considered one of the more productive, beautiful wives out there after Urban took a year away from coaching with his health issues.

Jen Bielema, Wisconsin

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    It was just two months ago when Bret Bielema no longer was known as one of the most popular bachelors in the great state of Wisconsin.

    Jen Bielema may only be 27, but in the immediate future she will soon become a bit more popular on account the Badgers love their football, and the media (cameramen) will have a tough time avoiding her at Camp Randall.

Penni Graham, Arizona State

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    Outside of her ability to tweet better than yours truly, Penni Graham is not afraid to fire back with social media.

    We all know the media and or fans can be flat-out rude and while some say it is best to ignore the ignorant, many enjoy the ability to lash back with some truthful comments.

    Penni did not enjoy the end of her husband’s stay at Pittsburgh with the way they were treated by the community.

    Whether you dislike Todd Graham and his wife or not, your ability to stand up to the haters and post interesting tweets certainly increases your popularity at the very worst, which is good enough to earn a slot in my rankings.

Katharyn Richt, Georgia

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    The Waterboy was a great movie, but maybe a female version of the movie could be made for Mrs. Richt.

    Or perhaps, Katharyn Richt could show us that she is similar to Mrs. Boucher, with her ability to hydrate the football players.

    Mark Richt and his wife are not afraid of the media by any means as they have shown their affection for another with a few smooches in front of the entire nation.

Jonna Chizik, Auburn

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    Many non-Auburn fans are not the biggest fans of Gene Chizik, but respecting a wife who raises a beautiful family as well as husband who has such a stressful job could not be stated enough.

    Jonna is nearly eight years younger than Gene, but the two have been together for almost 20 years and they have witnessed three undefeated seasons together (two Auburn, one Texas).

    Winning and losing is a part of sports, but at least Gene comes home to a beautiful wife if he suffers a few tough SEC losses.

Leslie Phillips, Kentucky

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    The hotseat is scorching for Joker Phillips, but his wife would have to be considered just scorching (in a good way).

    Maybe she could line up and outrun a few of her husband’s own players because she looks like quite the athlete who has the looks to go along with it. 

Stacy Fitzgerald, Northwestern

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    This lovely picture of the Fitzgerald family has to make you cheer for Northwestern even more, but is there a better family to pull for?

    Pat Fitzgerald has done a solid job building up Northwestern, albeit they are still searching for their first bowl victory in 53 years!

    However, Stacy ranks high on this list because raising three young children alongside Pat only helps make her case since she has the beautiful looks as well. 

Stephanie Sarkisian, Washington

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    Stephanie’s husband was once a starting quarterback at BYU before he became a quarterbacks coach at USC for two tenures, along with El Camino (where he started off) and the Oakland Raiders.

    Ultimately moving up to become the Trojans offensive coordinator helped his resume and he had plenty of success, so he landed the head gig with Washington.

    Heading into fourth season, 19-19 would be just a pedestrian .500 record. However, his wife is much better than just average.  

Colleen O’Brien, Penn State

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    Colleen’s husband is not in an easy situation taking over for a downtrodden program after one of the worst offseasons a program could possibly endure.

    As if the horrible news of Jerry Sandusky wasn’t enough, the passing of Joe Paterno was an additional albatross.

    However, Bill O’Brien is looking to start off on a clean slate for a program that wants to do what its best at, performing on the gridiron.

    Colleen is raising two children (nine and six years old), one of which was born with a brain malformation (lissencephaly) that has sadly given and made him developmentally challenged.

    Many people look at the game of football as just winners and losers, but this game full of opportunities in sports and more so in life has taught us that it is so much more than that. 

Kim Beckman, Illinois

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    Tim Beckman had moderate success at Toledo but he is looking to grab a hold of the spotlight in Champaign.

    His wife Kim did not come from a football family, but she is certainly hitting helping early on throughout this offseason.

    Raising two children is not easy, and while it usually takes away one's looks, that theory was thrown out the door for Mrs. Beckman.

Jerri Spurrier, South Carolina

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    Forget the age, if you manage to be the wife of Steve Spurrier, then you have to be considered a tremendous woman and more importantly a beloved wife.

    I can only assume she was the one who came up the throwing of the visor herself, but to keep Steve calm and confident throughout these years is remarkable. 

Vicki Rhoads, Iowa State

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    Not only is this YouTube video random and somehow funny, but it makes Vicki seem like one of the more underrated coaching wives in the country with Paul Rhoads as her husband.

    I bet since Paul gives some of the best halftime and postgame speeches in the country, that Vicki has to be able to give even more inspirational talks at their own house.

Kristen Gundy, Oklahoma State

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    We all know that Mike Gundy is a man and he can coach with the best of them in terms of offensive production.

    However, Mrs. Gundy has legit form in this picture and certainly gives you the look that she can spin outside of supporting her husband's Cowboys.

Barbara Petersen, Boise State

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    Chris Petersen is simply the man, but his wife might just be the reason why. A woman that can speak with as much knowledge, charm and confidence as Mrs. Petersen has to catch your attention.

    However, this video shows how much the Petersens give back to the community and just how important Boise State is to them.

Christi Fedora, North Carolina

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    Christi Fedora really is an unknown since her husband Larry was with Southern Miss for the past four seasons.

    Her sexy, stern and serious looks could make her a hot commodity if the Tar Heels are winning right out of the gates in the ACC.

Victoria Strong, Louisville

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    Charlie Strong certainly seemed to out kick his coverage team on this one, and his wife Victoria has the looks to catch anybody watching from 100 yards away.

    Their two young daughters are involved with youth volleyball camps, but Mrs. Strong is a top candidate on this list for her looks alone. 

Kristi Malzahn, Arkansas State

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    It is one thing to have a beautiful wife that loves sports, but for one to talk a bit is usually special. That case is proven with Kristi Malzahn, wife of the new Arkansas State head coach.

    Gus Malzahn is the former offensive coordinator of the 2010-2011 BCS National Champion Auburn Tigers. His wife Kristi has been quoted for digging Cam Newton a bit saying, "He is cute. Pretty boy. I love him, but don't tell Gus."

    In regards to the former running back Michael Dyer, she drew up some controversy adding, “"He has a little bit of an attitude. He carries himself with a little confidence we have to kick around every now and then. But he's a great kid."

    Either way, Gus should be proud of a wife that is energetic and loves the sport as much Kristi does. Is it time to kick off the 2012 season, by the way?

Kathleen Swinney, Clemson

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    Dabo sure loves to celebrate when he wins, but when he, does it look ugly.

    His Clemson Tigers defense I believe gave up another defensive touchdown to West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, but luckily a brighter season should be on the way in 2012 (better hope Watkins can play in opener or not miss much action).

    As ugly of a coach as Dabo can look like with his game-day decisions and luck, nothing looks like such with his wife Kathleen.

    Whether Clemson appears in another BCS bowl or wins the ACC once again (yeah, winning the ACC doesn't hurt), at least Dabo can go home to a beautiful wife.

Carol Stoops, Oklahoma

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    Bob Stoops has won seven Big 12 crowns with several coaches’ awards to his name. Throw in a BCS title in 2000, where his defense pitched a shutout (beat FSU 13-2) and you would be looking at likely future Hall of Famer.

    His Sooners are from being done in terms of BCS title contenders, and a few more Big 12 crowns should be on the way in the near future.

    Plus, Bob is known as a defensive genius, but he may be smarter for landing somebody like his wife Carol.

    Carol is a successful Mary Kay National Sales Director (skin care, cosmetics), but she is on this list for being one of the more beautiful, hard-working wives (three children) on this list.

Candi Fisher, Florida State

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    Having your husband coach Florida State football is an achievement in itself, but Candi is so much more than just a typical coach's wife, she is a loving mother who will do anything to help her children.

    Her son Ethan may only be a six-year-old, but he is battling Fanconi anemia, which is a disease that a young child should never have to endure.

    Life capacity is an obvious concern, but the Fishers have already raised $400,000 as they established Kidz1stFund™. We hope there is a cure and that Ethan can someday live a normal life that so many of us are blessed with.

    People may talk about the good looks and the fame of a coach's wife, but Candi and Jimbo are going to fight every single day to find a cure for their son. 

Megan Mullen, Mississippi State

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    Man, is Dan Mullen a lucky son of a gun. Not only did he help lead the Gators to a pair of BCS titles as the quarterbacks and offensive coordinators coach, but he seemingly has the perfect wife.

    Not only has Megan worked for the Golf Channel as an anchor, she was also a sports reporter who absolutely digs sports.

    Obviously, it goes without saying that all of these women on this list love college football, but to love a few more sports along the way really takes the cake. 

Layla Kiffin, Southern California

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    Is there anybody else on the football planet that anybody even thinks about other than Layla?

    Layla Kiffin alongside Lane has given us quite the couple and the USC Trojans are amidst of a BCS National Championship run.

    However, Layla or should I say Lane is extremely fortunate to land two perfect blondes!

    Matt Barkley is the obvious choice as your Heisman and NFL top pick choice, but Layla Kiffin has a much better scouting report going for her right now.

    Layla was noticed when Lane was the head coach at Tennessee, but it is hard to go unnoticed while your in LaLa Land.

    Raising three beautiful children is one thing, but to look arguably more gorgeous than any other coach's wife in all of sports is not something most can even fathom.

    Time will tell if Lane can stay around and be on good terms with the Trojans, but having Layla with him wherever he goes is as good of a consolation prize as it gets.

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