Manny Ramirez and New York Mets: March a Great Idea, Underpromoted

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 30, 2009

Some Mets fans held a "Million Manny March" last night in front of SNY.  Great idea, bad execution.
I don't think they got the word out there.
Maybe there was a lot of discussion on message boards, but 99% of Metsdom never reads a message board.
I read four newspapers a day.  I Google-alert "Mets" every three hours.  I'm online all day.  I check out my fellow bloggers.  I even have a Mets blog myself.  I don't claim it's the best one or the most important one, but it's nice enough.
I never heard about this march until Google informed me last night around 8:30. The march drew 40 people. I think it's a great idea—they should do it again.
This time, they should make sure every blogger in the world knows. (spend some time on Google, type in Mets and search blogs)  In addition, they should try to get themselves on sports radio late next week when the only sports talk is the Pro Bowl.
Source: Mets fans take to the streets begging brass to sign Manny Ramirez
New York Daily News, NY - 4 hours ago
The "Million Manny March" boasted only about 40 people, but they were screaming on behalf of Mets fans everywhere when they talked about the heartache of ...
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