WWE: The 5 Best and Worst Current WWE Theme Song Intros

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IMay 7, 2012

WWE: The 5 Best and Worst Current WWE Theme Song Intros

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    #GreatestSongIntrosEver is currently trending on Twitter, and the WWE has shared some of its picks.

    So far, WWE has mentioned DX's theme intro, "Are You Ready?" The Rock's theme intro, "If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'" and Chris Jericho's theme intro, "Break the Walls Down!"

    Song intros (WWE or not) are important. Does Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger" pump you up? If it does, imagine listening to it without the intro. It's not as spectacular without the intro, is it?

    In his article, "Good Lord! That's His Music!" Bill Simmons wrote (regarding WWE theme music),

    Just from hearing the first 1.75 seconds of the song, the crowd needs to realize instantly who's emerging from backstage—you need a recognizable hook at the top, whether it's the sound of glass shattering, a peculiar guitar riff, a bloodcurdling scream, a motorcycle revving, a gong, a crazed laugh, a quick catch phrase or whatever. 

    With that said, let's take a look at five of the best current theme song intros as well as five of the worst current theme song intros.

The Best, No. 5: Kane

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    Dark, brooding and scary—like Kane. Pair the music up with pyro and you have the perfect intro. 

    When we hear the intro to Kane's theme song, we undoubtedly know that the big red machine has arrived and that he's looking to unleash hell on his opponent(s). 

The Best, No. 4: John Cena

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    Eight chords. "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...Apple Dough!" Horns. "Your time is up, my time is now."

    Everything about the intro to John Cena's theme song smells like victory.

The Best, No. 3: Brock Lesnar

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    If the feeling of being sick to your stomach had a sound, it would probably sound like the intro to Brock Lesnar's theme music.

    For that reason, this is the perfect theme music intro for Brock Lesnar. HERE COMES THE PAIN!

The Best, No. 2: Triple H

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    Triple H has been lucky enough to have had some of the best theme music in the business.

    Perhaps his best and most well-known theme music is "The Game" by Motorhead.

    Drums, electric guitar and bass, followed by an evil laugh. Simple, heavy, powerful and awesome.

The Best, No. 1: The Undertaker

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    The Undertaker has had many theme songs, but one particularly dark, creepy and powerful thing could be heard in each and every one of them: GONG.

    'Nuff said.

The Worst, No. 5: Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger doesn't seem like the type of guy who listens to Rage Against The Machine.

    So what's with the Rage Against The Machine-esque theme music?

    Both the song and song intro are terrible for Jack Swagger. Dolph Ziggler has changed his theme several times, so why can't Jack Swagger do the same?

The Worst, No. 4: Big Show

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    "Wwwelllll it's the Big Show."

    I love Big Show, but I absolutely hate his current theme song. I especially hate the intro. It sounds constipated.

    Big Show's previous theme was better. Much better. It was faster, smoother and the vocalist sounded bigger.

    I do not understand why WWE changed Big Show's theme music. 

The Worst, No. 3: Alex Riley

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    The first time I heard the intro to Alex Riley's theme song, I thought (for about a second) that Chris Benoit had returned. Then, I remembered the tragedy that occurred in June 2007.

    Several other people have told me the same exact thing.

The Worst, No. 2: Sheamus

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    Sheamus' theme song matches his intensity, but where's the intro?

    Yes, there's an intro in the original full song, but when Sheamus comes out to the ring, there is no intro.

    Does Sheamus not need an intro?

    It's a shame that they (WWE) think Sheamus doesn't need an intro. Everyone needs an intro. 

The Worst, No. 1: Randy Orton

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    Really, Randy? You hear voices in your head? They council you? They understand you?

    OK. Well, hopefully one of those voices tells you to get a better song intro, a better theme song and a better gimmick.

    Whenever I hear Randy Orton's music hit, I can't wait until he gets to the ring so that the music will stop.