The Scoop On The Hardy Boyz Feud

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

There have been many theories thrown out regarding the new feud between Matt and Jeff Hardy over the last few days, but what we hope to be an actually good storyline now seems to be a simple idea a little kid goes through everyday.

Taping results show that Matt is going to run "What about me?!" promos for this feud. This shows that it is a in-shadow, out-of-shadow feud for these two brothers.

After reading these results, I was horrified that the writers took the belt off of Jeff Hardy for a "what about me" feud with his brother Matt. The main reason being the fact that while I'd figure more than one Hardy as world champ (if you count ECW) would get boring, I think Matt and Jeff's time could be used better.

What do you think about this feud now?