Peter Forsberg Not Returning to the NHL

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2009

It's a shame for me to report this, but it has to be done. Peter Forsberg will not be seen wearing No. 21 this season in the National Hockey League.

Forsberg told Sweden's national broadcaster SVT on Friday that if he's able to play at all, it will be for his hometown club, Modo, in the Swedish League. "There won't be any NHL this season, that's totally clear," Forsberg told SVT. "If I can play it will be in the Swedish Elite Series and Modo."

The future Hall-of-Famer said a few weeks back that he was training to make a comeback to the NHL for one final time. Obviously, his ailing foot has now completely ruled him out for a return this season.

"I will be training with Modo during the national team break and I hope to make a decision after that," Forsberg said. "Modo understands that I'm still not sure I can play, but the foot feels better today than it did at the start of the week."

It's a shame because Forsberg sounded optimistic about a return to what he loves. I think at this point he should sit out the season and prepare for 2009-10. At this point, "foppa" has the rest of the 08-09 season to try and get stronger, and hopefully make a return next season.