Tampa Bay Buccaneers Start the Training Camp Shuffle

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 7, 2012

Jordan Jefferson was a non-factor in the BCS title game.
Jordan Jefferson was a non-factor in the BCS title game.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The safest bet you can make on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that for the next 90 days or so, Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano will be rummaging through players like they might tear through a stack of boxes in a Macy's basement.

Under the "can't make up our minds" department, the Bucs cut loose a dozen undrafted free agents they signed after the draft and simultaneously added 11 guys after last weekend's fun-and-games Under the Tampa Tuscan Sun, also known as the rookie minicamp.

Guys given the heave-ho? Former Cincinnati Bearcat quarterback Zach Collaros is back on the streets in favor of LSU former scrambler Jordan Jefferson. Two linebackers got the bad news, Ryan Baker and Mike Balogun. Former USF offensive lineman Chaz Hine can now go and try out for American Idol—he's out the door.

The list looked like this over at Buccaneers.com:



  • Jordan Jefferson (QB, LSU)
  • Jordan Nix (DT, North Carolina)
  • De'Anthony Curtis (RB, Arkansas)
  • Quintin Anderson (DE, Wagner)
  • Sean Baker (S, Ball State)
  • Jemarcus Hendrick (T, Nebraska)
  • Antonio Leak (FB, Henderson St.)
  • Danny Noble (TE, Toledo)
  • Moe Petrus (C, UConn)
  • Myles Wade (DT, Portland State)
  • Eric Guthrie (P, Iowa).



  • Zach Collaros
  • Ryan Baker
  • Mike Balogun
  • Chaz Hine
  • Quenton Washington
  • Jake Rogers
  • Ron Girault
  • Trevor Olson
  • Chris Riley
  • Rocky Weaver
  • Luther Ambrose
  • Donte'e Nicholls.


Balogun and Baker were on the practice squad last year.

This is just for starters.

A real head-scratcher on the "In" list is the running back from Arkansas, Curtis. Here's a guy who was moved to corner in the spring of 2011. Evidently, he was then moved back to running back, where he amassed a whopping 119 yards on 20 carries last season.

Go figure. Apparently, he impressed Schiano and his staff enough over the weekend to get an invite back.

Same for Jordan Jefferson. At times he was impressive for LSU, but against Alabama in the national title game—well, you might want to throw that film away if you're Jefferson. In that game, he was 11-of-17 for 53 yards, and he ran 14 times for 15 yards. If he thought Alabama's defense was tough, this NFL gig stuff might be a real challenge.

It seems Jefferson's appearance on the Bucs roster now has something to do with the terms "raw" and "upside" and "potential." The Bucs have had plenty of that the past few years. Maybe "production" would be better served.

The revolving door won't stop with this rookie camp. There will be more signings, more guys waived and more veterans stopping by after June 1.

Bank on it.