Liverpool Must Hold onto Dalglish

Tim AndersonCorrespondent IMay 7, 2012

LFC should be kept on a LFC
LFC should be kept on a LFCClive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool have to hold on to Kenny Dalglish to progress next season.

The feelgood factor that Dalglish has brought back to Anfield has yet to fully mature and can be continued for at least another half year.

With Dalglish's faith in Andy Carroll increasingly proving right, another season with good summer buys could bear fruit for Liverpool.

Even as the season in the league peters out, fans who have become increasingly disillusioned with the home form have decided not to turn up to games rather than 'boo'  the boss out, like what was done with Roy Hodgson. It's a sign that while the faithful aren't happy, they're still not ready to turn on Kenny, yet.

Surely if another season passed like this, the crowd may get more vocal. However, players are now getting used to the ethos of the club and playing alongside their new teammates. As a result they can only improve. This holds true as their expensive price tags start to fade from the headlines, the focus becomes clear as to how good they actually are. 

Remember how long it took for fans to support Lucas [Leiva]? While no one wants to wait that long again, some patience can definitely be worthwhile.

The experience of playing at Wembley three times and in two finals is invaluable. Even winning and losing one final now gives an opportunity to know the pain of losing a final and hopefully learn what they want to avoid at all costs in the future.

Changing a manager now would potentially set Anfield back another year.

There is nothing better than winning a trophy in your first year as manager and if Chelsea win the Champions League and as such the fourth CL position, then only the top three in the league will qualify. That would make the initial goal for this year to be in the top four—an almost pointless target (of course they would like to be in the top three if possible!).

Would fans have taken 4th place? Even when fourth place does NOT qualify for CL, the Carling Cup, and an FA Cup Final? Thanks for the silverware....

Actually, you can be so sure that Kenny Dalglish has the best interests of the club at heart. I think he would resign before taking it backwards again.

For me, he has got nothing but honesty for how he sees the game, even if off-the-field issues were distracting this year. That's something he'll learn from.

The fear also would be setting a precedent that has taken a hold over the club in recent years of sacking the manager at the first opportunity. The pressure climbs with every new manager as we have seen at Chelsea where a bad run will sack the manager with almost 100 percent certainty.

Liverpool needs to stay steady for the coming season with Kenny Dalglish steering the ship and re- establishing the Liverpool way of running a football club.