Jason Varitek Threatening To Retire; Should Be Shown the Back Door

John GrayCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

If Varitek retires, as a severe negotiating ploy, since $5M is not good enough for him, then the Sox shouldn't host the press conference, but let him leave out the back door.
If he is going to disrespect the team instead of taking a very fair offer of $5M, then they should also NOT put him in the Red Sox Hall of Fame until many teams later, if ever.
The Sox outbid themselves in Varitek's last contract and he and Boras took advantage of Theo & team. As I have said for years, the Sox should have responded in kind and signed A.J. Perzinkski as the White Sox did for $1.5 to $2.5M for one year and use him as leverage/insurance.
Fortunately, the Sox won their second WS with Varitek as the backstop, but paid a lot for it in four years, $40M with declining return in offensive production.
The Sox should not be punished because Varitek did not have a pre-nup with his soon to be ex-wife. Anyone, especially a promising athlete, should get a pre-nup or they are a moron and deserve to lose half their assets.
The "love-one" who won;t sign a fair pre-nup is not one you should walk down the aisle with anyways.
If $5M a year is not good enough for a .220 hitter, then show him the back door and rip the captain's "C" off his chest.