Dear NCAA: Something Smells Fishy About Pete Carroll's Coaching Disciples

Tim BondCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

I know I will get criticized and hammered for what I am about to write about. But many outside of this certain university probably agree with me.


Dear NCAA,


You have two new coaches in your college ranks from one coaching tree. Neither has coached a game at his new job. However, both have served as coordinators for the same teacher/coach.


With that said, you could say that both of these coaches learned how to recruit from this coach.


I am talking about Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin.


Both of these young coaches spent time as offensive coordinators at Southern California under the direction and guidance of Pete Carroll.


So what does the new head coach (Steve Sarkisian) at the University of Washington do? Commit two recruiting violations in his short time as the new Husky head coach.

The first was giving recruits a simulation of game-day introductions and stadium entrances.


Now the Huskies have to contend with Sarkisian visiting a recruit who is a high school senior while high school underclassmen (also potential recruits) were present.


As you very well know, coaches cannot talk with or visit juniors until July 1 of the year they become seniors in high school.


Lane Kiffin, the offensive coordinator before Sarkisian, gets hired at Tennessee. What does he do? The same thing as Steve did, simulating game-day activities with recruits.

Where did these guys learn these recruiting tactics? Sure, the second violation by Sarkisian could be an innocent mistake, since the meeting with the upperclassmen was at a hair salon and later at a coffee shop. So let's leave that one for you to determine.


However, when you have two new coaches that have not been away from Southern California or Pete Carroll that long, you have to raise an eyebrow when they both commit the same exact recruiting violation.


So shouldn't you be looking at Pete Carroll and his recruiting standards?


Mr. Carroll still has some smoke floating around about the Reggie Bush ordeal. Be it true or not, when these types of things come about from very young coaches, both taught by the same guy, you have to start to question the recruiting practices of that teacher.


Say what you want. Keep your opinion about the matter to yourself. It does not matter.


Something smells like fish on the campus of Southern California. And until it is proven that Pete Carroll does not recruit in this manner, the smell will always be there.


Thanks for your time,

Concerned College Football Fan


With all that said, my opinion, nor this article, will get the NCAA interested in USC or Pete Carroll. But it sure felt good getting this off my chest.


Must be a nice luxury knowing you are above the rules set forth by the NCAA.