10 Reasons Why Ricky Hatton Will Fall Against Manny Pacquiao

Eugene UngabContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

I just don’t see Many Pacquiao will drop his next fight with Ricky Hatton so I came up with these justifications to let boxing fans to think about...

1. Pacquiao has the better all around boxing skills
2. Hatton has no good defense
3. Compare to a morales, barrera, or marquez Pacquiao is the stronger fighter and that’s true!
4. Hatton has questionable chin...look at his fight with Luis Collazo, Juan Lazcano, and especially Floyd ‘‘Money” Mayweather
5. Manny has the best trainer (Freddie Roach)
6. Pacman is faster than the Hitman
7. Manny trains like no tomorrow
8. Pacquiao fights for his country and that’s a giant motivation
9. Hatton will come out plump and slow
10. Pacquiao is destined to be one of the ‘‘greatest” so expect him to fight at his very best…

We’ll see if it can carry on the hype. We’ll see…we’ll see…we’ll see…