25 Ways to Determine If You Are Addicted to Wrestling

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMay 7, 2012

Photo by Operationsports.com
Photo by Operationsports.com

Wrestling is one piece of sports entertainment that will always have flavor and never die out or be pushed to the side. With wrestling comes a huge fan base that is full of casual and diehard followers. Some of these followers are so addicted to wrestling that they can't function without thinking about it.

There are 25 other ways you can determine if you are addicted to wrestling, and if you are, you must speak to your psychologist about a cure. Here are the 25 reasons.

25. You have a cardboard cutout of Kelly Kelly in your room.

24. You are over the age of 18 and you have a subscription to the WWE magazine.

23. You buy the accessories at WWE events instead or along with the t-shirts like John Cena pendants or headbands and CM Punk's white tape with the X mark. 

22. You have a Rey Mysterio mask. 

21. You dumped your girlfriend/boyfriend because they told you that wrestling is stupid and they would rather you watch the Jersey Shore.

20. You started to watch the UFC for only Brock Lesnar because of how much you missed him.

19. You taunt your friends and family with wrestling taunts like the "DX Chop."

18. You have a wrestlers photo as your cover photo on Facebook.

17. You do not mention one athlete outside of wrestling as your favorite athlete on Bleacher Report or any social networking site.

16. You have a Fathead of your favorite wrestler over your bed.  

15. One of your favorite movies is Ready to Rumble. 

14. You buy your favorite wrestlers theme songs on iTunes. 

13. You buy every pay-per-view's theme song on iTunes.

12. You buy tickets to every WrestleMania no matter how far or how expensive it is. 

11. You cry every time you think of Eddie Guerrero and his untimely death. 

10. Your nickname is the same as your favorite wrestlers stage name. 

9. You watch TNA because your Thursday nights are boring and not because you actually like it. 

8. You watch Ring of Honor. 

7. You attend every single house show that is within a 100 mile radius from your house.

6. WWE.com is your homepage on your computer.

5. You watch Internet-only WWE programming like Superstars and NXT.

4. Your favorite rapper is John Cena.

3. You constantly try to convince your friends to like wrestling when they don't care much for it. 

2. You watch PPV's from the Attitude Era and shed a tear remembering the old days.

1. You cringe every single time someone tells you that wrestling is fake and it's only for children. 


If you can say that at least 50 percent or more of this list applies to you, then you are definitely addicted to wrestling. 


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