SEC, Start Playing Lacrosse!

GogolsNoseContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

I wanna know what crack the Athletic Directors of South Eastern Conference schools are smoking that prevents them from including Varsity Lacrosse as a sanctioned SEC sport?

The NCAA Lacrosse Championships consistently draw stadium crowds upwards of 70,000 every year, and the SEC doesn't even field teams.  How pathetic.  The ADs at those schools always have some lame-O excuse for not supporting lacrosse.  Like Crew and Volleyball.  Or fencing.  But none of 'em draws 70,000 for a Finals weekend.  (And here I thought ADs loved money).

Personally, I can't figure out if the ADs are either A, lazy, or B, stupid.  Wait.  Maybe it's C... both.

No offense to Fencing.  But get with the program, Southerners.  Start playing lacrosse.  It's an incredible, exciting sport.