Green Bay Packers: 4 Reasons Team Record Will Improve from Last Season

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIMay 7, 2012

Green Bay Packers: 4 Reasons Team Record Will Improve from Last Season

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    The Green Bay Packers finished the 2011 regular season with a 15-1 record, but the general consensus among Packers fans is that the team could have—and should have—finished with a perfect season.

    With a new year is a new opportunity for Green Bay to reach 16-0.

    Here are four reasons why the Packers will improve their record from last season.

Aaron Rodgers

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    When you have the best quarterback in the world playing for your team, the general consensus is that you'll be pretty good.

    The first half of Aaron Rodgers' 2011 regular season was simply indescribable. He distanced himself from all other quarterbacks in the league by light years on his way to winning his first career MVP trophy.

    He has every physical and mental characteristic you could want in an NFL quarterback. In addition, he will likely be playing with a chip on his shoulder due to their early departure from the 2011 playoffs.

    That creates a scary situation for the rest of the league.

    As long as Rodgers can stay on the field, the Packers will likely be favorites in every game this season.

Another Year Older Offensively

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    It's a known fact that familiarity on offense makes a team even more dangerous.

    The Green Bay Packers have only lost Ryan Grant and Chad Clifton from their offense this offseason, and both of those players are replaceable. In fact, Clifton missed the majority of the 2011 season, so his loss is nothing new to the Packers.

    Following another year with receivers Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and James Jones, Aaron Rodgers will have even more confidence when throwing the ball. He knows the intricacies of his receivers, and that gives him an advantage over every defense.

    There is no doubt that the Packers will boast one of the most explosive offenses in the league, and the fact that they have little turnover at key positions is a huge reason why. This offense will keep the Packers in every single game and give them a great opportunity to win whenever they step on the field. 

Improved Pass Rush

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    You could argue that the biggest issue with the Green Bay Packers last year was their lack of pass-rushers. With no player capable to creating pressure alongside Clay Matthews, Green Bay had difficulty getting after the quarterback successfully.

    With their first-round selection of Nick Perry in the 2012 NFL draft, that should all change.

    Perry is the perfect complement to Matthews, and could become quite the player for the Packers. He has a great burst off the edge to go along with strength and athleticism, and that should make him quite the pass-rusher as a rookie.

    Along with Perry, the Packers drafted Jerel Worthy to help improve the defensive line. This was the Packers' second biggest need defensively, and Worthy is as NFL-ready as they come.

    If both Perry and Worthy do what they're expected to in regards to improving Green Bay's pass rush, the Packers defense will get back to dominating form and make them extremely difficult to beat.

Chip on the Shoulder

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    The Green Bay Packers will enter the 2012 season with two separate chips on their shoulders.

    The first will be because they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs last year, and lost their perfect season as a result. Of all the teams they could have lost to, the Chiefs were one of the least likely. You can guarantee that the Packers will remember this loss and want to do everything in their power to avenge it.

    The second comes from an early playoff exit to the New York Giants.

    On their home field, with rested players, the Packers were heavy favorites to beat the Giants and advance to the NFC Championship Game. That clearly didn't happen, and now the Packers have had months to let that loss boil in their blood.

    Both of these losses suffered last season will cause Green Bay to play with a chip on their shoulder, and when you get a team this talented playing like that, it will be extremely difficult to beat them.