Will Chicago please take a QB in the draft??

Casey MoritzCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2008

Having endured as a Cardinals fan for many years, I know the pain of a team in need of a QB.

I watched in horror as Jeff Blake "ran" our offense. It was really more like a drunken, staggering walk.

I choked on my pride and cheered for Josh McCown. (Trust me Miami, it isn't that bad)

Even with all my years of watching our little red and white horror show I can't imagine the woes of Bears fans.

In Arizona we never had to worry about having a team good enough to make it to the Superbowl sabotaged by our QB. We were just never that good. Poor Chicago got all the way to the main stage only to watch their signal caller implode. 

As though this wasn't bad enough, your GM resigned him. Are the folks in the Bears front office secretly Packers fans?? Why would anyone think of resigning Rex Grossman? Are the occasional flashes of ability that tantalizing? 

From the outside looking in, this makes no sense. Rex has again and again dashed the hopes of success of this franchise. His play has been, no doubt, a major contributor to increased Prozac sales among Bears fans. It must be unbearable. (pun only semi-intentional)

With all of this said, will the Bears PLEASE, for the love of god, take a QB in the draft? It doesn't have to be in the first round, Chad Henne will still be there later. Just take one of them, any of them. At this point take two or three of them. Please.

Henne and Flacco both played in bad weather, Brian Brohm has some upside...even taking Colt Brennan in the sixth (he'll probably still be there) offers more hope to your weary fans than another year of Grossman. 

Sure, even if Chicago takes a QB he won't have anyone to throw to, and little in the way of a running game to help take some pressure off them, but seriously - anything is better than the current train wreck.

Maybe a Henne in the second and a Mario "I don't put much stock in 40 times" Manningham in the third? It could be done, and you might find this "Michigan Connection" could get the fans excited about Bears football again. Imagine the buzz and marketing. It doesn't even have to work on the field, it just has to look like you're trying.

Sure there are other needs, O-Line for instance. But that can wait. Really, get a QB. Any QB. Think of your fans who come out in the freezing cold year after year and still cheer for you. You owe it to them to at least try.  Give them something to hope for.