WWE News: Former Wrestler Dustin Runnels Released from Company

George NolanAnalyst IMay 6, 2012

Dustin Runnels, a WWE producer and trainer who is better known as the wrestler Goldust, was confirmed to have been released from the company sometime last week.

Reports from WrestlingInc.com and PWInsider.com confirmed that Goldust's profile on the WWE website was moved to the Alumni section of the site over the weekend.

Sources from these sites revealed that an unconfirmed incident that took place on a SmackDown taping two weeks ago led to Dustin's release.

Before his release, Dustin had been out of in-ring action since December 2010, when he was sidelined with a shoulder injury.

To those unfamiliar with the WWE veteran, Dustin is the half-brother of current WWE talent, Cody Rhodes, and the son of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes. He has wrestled for WWE, WCW, TNA and a number of indy wrestling promotions since beginning his pro wrestling career in 1988.

Dustin's WWE character of the bizarre and suggestive Goldust is his most popular and well-known character among fans since its debut in 1995, which led him to three Intercontinental title reigns, one Tag Team title reign with Booker T and seven Hardcore title reigns.

How do you folks feel about Dustin's release from the WWE?