We Need a Freezing-Cold Super Bowl!!

GogolsNoseContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

I wish the guys making decisions at the NFL would consider--just once, hosting the Super Bowl in a cold, domeless city.  The SuperBowl is far too slick the way it is now... it's like an over-produced, Hawaiian-Broadway musical on steroids.

I really would love to see the Super Bowl played in Green Bay or some place even rougher... a place with driving snow or sleet, so we get lineman puffing out huge plumes of CO2.  I want freezing-cold refs in nine layers of long-johns, and QBs blowing on their hands between snaps.

The problem is, there's absolutely nothing dire or exciting about the weather in Florida, Arizona or California...Nothing.  It's just too perfect.  What the SuperBowl needs is freezing mud and snowy fumbles.

Tangentially, anybody notice how popular the new NHL Winter Game became "Classic" so quickly?!  (the game the NHL plays outdoors once-a-year on New Years??)  That's  because fans appreciate a real game that is played in real weather.