2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents: Which Teams Signed the Most NFL-Ready Prospects?

James Christensen@@nepatriotsdraftContributor IMay 7, 2012

2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents: Which Teams Signed the Most NFL-Ready Prospects?

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    Rookie undrafted free agents can make a huge impact for teams, just look at BenJarvus Green-Ellis' career in New England.

    Read on to find the five NFL teams that signed at least four NFL-ready undrafted free agents this year.

    You can also check out a full list of 2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents at my NEPatriotsDraft.com website.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    NFL-Ready Undrafted Free Agents:

    Brandon Lindsey (OLB, Pitt)

    Adrian Robinson (DE, Temple)

    Robert Golden (DB, Arizona)

    Marquis Maze (WR, Alabama)

    Lindsey and Robinson both have traits that the Steelers look for in their edge rushers and outside linebackers. Lindsey especially has the versatility to contribute on Day 1.

    Maze and Golden might not make the team due to their offensive and defensive capabilities, but both add enough on special teams to be considered for the 53-man roster.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    NFL-Ready Undrafted Free Agents:

    Chris Polk (RB, Washington)

    Cliff Harris (CB, Oregon)

    Emil Igwenagu (TE, UMass)

    Philip Thomas (DB, Syracuse)

    Polk, Thomas and Harris were all draftable players who fell because of injury / character issues. If Polk is healthy, he would be a perfect complement to LeSean McCoy. 

    Thomas and Harris can contribute on special teams and in sub-packages for Philadelphia.

    Igwenagu is a versatile tight end who can also play fullback and H-back. The Eagles should be able to find a spot for him to help.

Houston Texans

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    NFL-Ready Undrafted Free Agents:

    Dwight Jones (WR, North Carolina)

    Shawn Loiseau (LB, Merrimack)

    Loni Fangupo (DT, BYU)

    Case Keenum (QB, Houston)

    Jones, Loiseau and Fangupo are all prospects with a ton of potential. Jones could be a No. 2 receiver if he gets his head straight, and Loiseau and Fangupo are ready to contribute if the Texans can carve out a role for them.

    Keenum isn't an NFL starter, but having a quarterback with the accuracy and experience of Keenum as your backup or third quarterback is a nice luxury.

Miami Dolphins

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    NFL-Ready Undrafted Free Agents:

    Jeff Fuller (WR, Texas A&M)

    Derek Moye (WR, Penn State)

    Derek Dennis (OL, Temple)

    Kelcie McCray (S, Arkansas State)

    The Dolphins have a huge need at wide receiver and might have found two contributors in Moye and Fuller, especially with Fuller already having some chemistry with first-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill.

    Dennis and McCray were solid players at the collegiate level and could be backup players on Day 1 for Miami.

New York Jets

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    NFL-Ready Undrafted Free Agents:

    Ryan Steed (CB, Furman)

    Donnie Fletcher (CB, Boston College)

    Brett Roy (DE, Nevada)

    Brian Linthicum (TE, Michigan State)

    Steed and Fletcher were two defensive backs that I had draftable grades on. Each could be used in sub-packages and on special teams in New York.

    Roy and Linthicum were both solid, if not spectacular, college players that might be able to carve out niches for the Jets.