What's Next for Floyd Mayweather After Victory over Miguel Cotto?

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Floyd Mayweather polished his record Saturday with yet another win, this time over Miguel Cotto. His victory brings him more than $35 million in prize money, making him the highest-paid fighter in boxing history.

At this point in Mayweather's career, he has transcended boxing and become a sporting phenomenon on his own right. 

In a sport where there are no regular-season standings, playoffs or a Super Bowl, any time Floyd Mayweather chooses to step into the ring, it's an event of spectacular proportions. 

Who will he choose to fight next? There is a buffet of fighters for boxing's "money man" to choose from. 

Of course, the world would serve him Manny Pacquiao...but for Floyd Mayweather, there are many options on the table.

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