Thank God for Jerame Tuman.

Casey MoritzCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2008

I was actually going to title this article "Who the F*** is Jerame Tuman?!"

I reconsidered.

But I did think this was a good starting point for a discussion of the off-season moves made so far by the beloved Cardinals.

I am sure many Cardinals fans (all eleven of you) are asking "Who is Jerame Tuman?" or "What are you thinking? Why do we need this guy?"

I for one am excited. I like to see the bright side of the off-season moves.

To illustrate my point I offer the following list of 5 off season moves I am pleased DIDN'T happen:


5)  Signing Randall Gay. Sure, Randall is a good corner, and is a marked improvement over anyone in the current New Orleans secondary, but really - where was the PR department on this one? The headlines write themselves:  "Saints go Gay and couldn't be happier" or "New Orleans Saints get a little more Gay". I am thrilled Rod Graves had the good sense to pass on this one. People laugh enough as it is.


4)  Trading for Donovan McNabb. There have been a lot of trade rumors circulating about Larry Fitzgerald this off season, due in no small part to the continued efforts to restructure his HUGE cap number. The worst I heard had Fitz heading to the Eagles with a 2nd rounder for McNabb. Just what any organization wants. A QB that can't get along with his receivers, costs upwards of 100$ Million AND continues to do those soup commercials, even though EVERYONE knows about the curse... So for that I would like to thank Rod Graves: Rod, way to not F us on that one. We appreciate it.


3)  Keeping Bryant Johnson. When did the media fall in love with this guy? Really? All I've heard since he went free agent was what a great deep threat he was, and how he would make a fine #1 or #2 guy for somebody. In case history stopped working outside of my apartment, let's recap.  Johnson was the #1 receiver, but couldn't produce, then was the #2 and couldn't produce. As a number 3, and a fill in for injuries, Johnson had a passable year, but has been a lifestyle under achiever. Good luck in Buffalo Bryant, and Rod - Thanks for not making THAT mistake again. 


2) Drafting Darren McFadden. I know RG hasn't not done this yet, but all the same I would like to make the point as far in advance as possible that we (all twelve of us) in the Cardinals fan base REALLY appreciate you focusing on improving the defense - and NOT drafting a questionable running back who already has more kids that he has fingers. Really, way to go on this one Rod.


1)  Going after Alan Fanaca. I know you wanted to, the rumors were on TV, and it is always appealing to add a 7 time pro-bowler to the roster, especially one Coach Grimm coached before. But we need that money. Badly. (Larry, are you listening?) We need to fix the defense and sign some draft picks, so, for for not making THAT mistake I would like to say thanks Rod, thanks.


In closing, I want to point out that things could be much much worse. The Cards look like we should be able to move into the higher end of mediocre this season - which is at least progress and gives me something to be excited about, and most importantly, nothing to lament. Yet.