UFC on FOX 3: Why You Should Stop Complaining About the Fight Card

Nick CaronAnalyst IMarch 13, 2017

Now only hours away from what will be the UFC's third appearance on national network television, the critics have begun to chirp about what is being referred to some as a "weak" fight card.

Even Bleacher Report's own Brian Mazique has criticized the event for a lack of superstar name value

Certainly every individual is entitled to his or her opinion, but I thought it was my duty to explain why I believe this event is not only worth watching, but why I would even go as far as calling it a "great" fight card.

No, UFC on FOX does not have Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre or Junior dos Santos in the main event. It doesn't even have Nick Diaz, Dominick Cruz, Jose Aldo, Benson Henderson or any of the other second-tier stars. 

I get it—many people tune in because they want to see the best of the best compete. Being that there isn't a title on the line, this card is void of that level of talent.

But when is the last time that you were really, truly disappointed by an entire UFC fight card? 

Now ask yourself, "Was I disappointed because the preliminary fights were bad or because the main event failed to live up to the expectations I had going in?" 

Chances are, if you're true to yourself, you'll realize that it is extremely rare that the UFC delivers a bad card from top to bottom. And to believe that this one isn't going to be exciting is ridiculous.

The main card on FOX will feature four bouts that all have the potential to be "Fight of the Night." How many cards can you realistically say that about?

When was the last time that Nate Diaz in a fight wasn't exciting? How about Jim Miller? Pat Barry? Johny Hendricks? Rousimar Palhares?

What part of this card did you say is not entertaining, again?

Given the pure number of events that the UFC puts on in a calendar year, it's impossible to believe that there can be a championship fight with one of the top-level fighters on every single one of them.

If you want to look at a "weak fight card," one only has to look back two weeks to the UFC 145 card featuring the main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. While this was certainly a widely hyped main event, the rest of the fight card gave us a bunch of fights that, quite frankly, would be lucky to even get televised if they were on Saturday night's UFC on FOX 3 card.

And you paid upwards of $59.99 to watch those fights.

The UFC is providing this event for free to everyone who owns a television. No extra cable package needed. 

If the UFC wanted to, they could add a fight like Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann as a main event and put this exact same fight card on pay-per-view. No one would complain.

So what if there isn't a title on the line? So what if one of the "big-name" stars isn't competing? Is that really going to be the reason that you decided to skip what could be one of the most entertaining fight cards that the company puts on this year?

This is the UFC. They're going to deliver. Shut your mouth and enjoy your free fights!