7 Reasons New York Jets Will Improve (Record-Wise) from Last Season

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2012

7 Reasons New York Jets Will Improve (Record-Wise) from Last Season

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    Even in a quiet offseason, the Jets have been one of the most-talked about teams in football in 2012.

    From the surprising trade for polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow to the questionable first-round selection of controversial defensive end Quinton Coples, the Jets have been dominating the headlines.

    However, despite being one of the jokes of the league in recent months, the Jets will drastically improve next season.

    A revitalized roster and some key personnel changes will result in a much better year for the Jets in 2012.

    Here are seven reasons New York will improve next season. 

Addition of Tim Tebow to Offense

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    The blockbuster deal for iconic quarterback Tim Tebow has been met with a mixed reception from Jets fans.

    Some believe the move just sets up a quarterback controversy and places even more pressure on Mark Sanchez.

    These may be true, but the potential positives of Tebow in a Jets uniform outweigh the negatives.

    Tebow adds a whole new chapter to the Jets playbook. He can be a major factor in the Wildcat, be a strong option in goal-line situations and even serve as a receiver in certain plays. 

    The former Heisman Trophy winner makes the Gang Green offense more dynamic, and he will leave opposing defenses bewildered. 

Improvement of Receiving Corps

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    The second-round selection of Georgia Tech wideout Stephen Hill was one of the smartest moves by the Jets front office in recent years.

    Hill possesses all the attributes to be a star receiver at the next level. He boasts an incredible combination of dominant size and blistering speed. 

    The 21-year-old is a drastic improvement over Plaxico Burress as the Jets No. 2 wideout.

    Hill will be an extremely dangerous deep threat for Mark Sanchez and will be a major factor in the redone.

    The Jets receiving corps just became much more potent.

    Opponents will have a tough time defending the athletic trio of Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller, and Jeremy Kerley is also developing into a nice slot option.

Revamped Pass-Rush

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    Quinton Coples' so-called lack of effort in his senior year at North Carolina has led to some criticism, but no one can deny his extraordinary talent.

    Coples boasts a formidable combination of outstanding speed and amazing strength. 

    The 21-year-old will drastically improve the Jets pass-rush from the moment he steps on the field, as his athleticism will be hard to match for opposing offensive lines. 

    Third-round selection DeMario Davis has also shown the ability to be a strong pass-rusher at the next level.

    The outside linebacker always puts in maximum effort, and his physical attributes are also off the charts.

    With Davis and Coples, the Jets pass-rush will improve substantially next season. 

Enhanced Relationship Between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes

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    The Jets locker room was a mess last season, mainly due to tensions between star receiver Santonio Holmes and quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    Fortunately, the relationship between the duo looks to be on the mend.

    Sanchez and Holmes have already kickstarted their offseason workouts, as the two practiced together in Florida in early April.

    The two former first-round picks have also bonded in the offseason, as they have attended sporting events and theme parks together.

    With the enhanced relationship between the quarterback and wide receiver, the Jets offense is likely to regain its prior chemistry, and the locker room will once again be at peace. 

Brian Schottenheimer No Longer Calling Offensive Playbook

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    The firing of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was met with near universal acclaim by Jets fans.

    Schottenheimer's playcalling in his six years as Gang Green's OC had been questionable, to say the least.

    Schottenheimer often called for a conservative running game against opponents with weak secondaries, and he has often been blamed for stunting Mark Sanchez's growth as franchise quarterback.

    With Schotty out, the Jets playbook is likely to be reinvigorated.

    New offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is also known for his conservative play-calling, but his decisions have been more rational than that of Schottenheimer.  

Less Pressure on Locker Room

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    With Rex Ryan's bombastic Super Bowl predictions and two consecutive AFC Championship appearances, the Jets entered last season with enormous expectations.

    Gang Green then folded under pressure, as they failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

    Last season's past failures have left the Jets with low expectations entering 2012.

    Many experts and fans believe New York is no threat in the AFC East and are due for another implosion.

    The low expectations allow Gang Green to perform with much less pressure.

    Therefore, success for Mark Sanchez and company is more likely. 

Much Easier Schedule

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    Perhaps the biggest reason the Jets will improve from a record-based standpoint is the team's schedule.

    In 2011, nine of the Jets' 16 games were against teams that finished with a record of 8-8 or better.

    In 2012, the Jets face just five teams who were over .500 in 2011. 

    New York also faces off against the NFC West and the AFC South, two of the weakest divisions in the league in recent years.

    Gang Green's schedule is ranked just 20th in the league in strength of schedule, and the team will not have to travel on the road for more than two weeks at a time at any point in the season.

    The easiness of the Jets schedule will make a postseason berth much easier for Gang Green.