I Hear Voices Pt 7: WWE Says Rourke Will Be at WM, Benoit's Doctor Pleads Guilty

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 29, 2009

My head is spinning.

Not too long ago, we hear news of Mickey Rourke backing out from his WrestleMania 25 appearance. His publicist stated that Rourke would not work with WWE anymore.

After, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article expressing their opinion and believed that Rourke's involvement with WWE would hurt his Oscar chances. That just further pushed the rumor that Rourke had backed out with good reason. However Vince McMahon stated on EOnline.com that he is frustrated at the rumors that went around about Rourke dropping out of WrestleMania 25.

I, along with many B/R writers, wrote articles about Rourke dropping out. I do believe McMahon though. His word is good, right? Time will be the true judge as we will see if the Jericho/Rourke feud will progress.

In other news, Dr. Phil Astin pleaded guilty to 175 counts of illegal drug prescriptions. Astin was involved in the WWE steroid/drug policy when WWE started cracking down on their superstars for using drugs. Astin was a doctor to a handful of superstars including the late Chris Benoit. He was the doctor who had written Benoit's last drug prescriptions before he took his family's life and his own. Despite Astin's lawyer stating his clients innocence, that doesn't seem like the case now that Astin has pleaded guilty for the drug charges.