NBA Draft 2012: Should the Portland Trail Blazers Draft Jared Sullinger?

Mike UlstadContributor IIIMay 5, 2012

Would Jared Sullinger fit in with Portland?
Would Jared Sullinger fit in with Portland?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There is no denying that Sullinger was one of the best players in the college game this past season. He was a monster for Ohio State offensively and used his big body to punish opponents for rebounds.

The major question is whether or not that will carry over into the NBA. Because of his style of play and lack of athleticism, scouts have questioned whether or not Sullinger will succeed at the next level.

Is this the type of player Portland needs? It does not seem that he would fit, but some feel that Sullinger would be the best player to draft because he would add size to the team.

So, should the Blazers draft Jared Sullinger?

Why they should: Sullinger would add size to a team in desperate need of it, and would also be a rebounding presence inside. He has a great touch around the basket and has a nice mid-range jumper to boot.

He would immediately come in as most likely the main backup at power forward and should provide a boost on the boards from the start.

Why they shouldn't: Putting all the physical questions aside, there is just something simply flat-out terrifying about drafting a big man out of Ohio State. Its hard to tell how Blazer fans would react to this pick based on that fact alone.

Looking at the real downsides though, Sullinger will probably not ever develop into a first-option star because of the fact that he plays low to the ground. He is not an athletic specimen by any stretch of the imagination, and was simply dominated by Jeff Withey during this year's Final Four. Portland needs star potential, and Sullinger just may not have enough.

Sullinger has some drawbacks, but his rebounding ability and strength are NBA-ready. Mock drafts have him going as high as to the Blazers at pick No. 6, but most have him sliding to the lower end of the lottery.


Here is a video displaying some of Sullinger's work at Ohio State.

Now it's your turn, would Jared Sullinger fit in with Portland?


Jared Sullinger

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 270 lbs.

College: Ohio State University

Stats (sophomore season): 17.6 points, 9.3 rebounds, 1.1 blocks